Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan for March 03, 2021

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    Templo S.U.D.  almost 2 years ago

    fish don’t have hands, ma’am; they have fins (how did Iron Fish finally get out of the house)?

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  2. Zooey girl
    ronaldspence  almost 2 years ago

    The say fish is rich in Iron but this iron is rich in fish!

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  3. 187bea1ac03bcf8fbae7088879c762bb
    LiamG.P  almost 2 years ago

    Take us to space. We are tired of earth.

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  4. Nc201206
    some idiot from R'lyeh Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    We’re in a happy place if that lady being geographically offset a few metres is our biggest problem.

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  5. Img 3235
    dwane.scoty1  almost 2 years ago

    ❤️ Those fin booties you have there, Iron Fish! Makes the whole de Rigour!

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  6. Snoopy
    Darryl Heine  almost 2 years ago

    We need SPIDER DOG!

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  7. Calvins
    Algolei I  almost 2 years ago

    Nice. It’s been a while since I heard someone say to me, “Unhand me, you weird fish.”

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  8. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Sorry fish. Maybe you should keep to stopping rats from stealing pizza?

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  9. Avatar
    Ed The Red Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    There are real people who try to be costumed crime fighters. They take lots of martial arts classes, put together a costume, and patrol the streets of their city by night. But most of them give it up… for the last reason you’d expect. They can’t find any crime.

    You know how Batman always swings in just in time to foil the mugging? That’s not how it happens in real life. I read an interview with a guy who had lurked on rooftops for weeks in the most crime ridden section of his town. He never once saw anyone getting mugged.

    Despite what you might think if you watch the local news, crime is way down. It’s dropped steadily for decades. Also, when it does happen, foiling a mugging requires being in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. That’s something only Batman can pull off.

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  10. 2c5b8f72 7998 42b2 837f 3f3e5a85c788
    @Big Nate  almost 2 years ago

    “You will fall to the all mighty Fish-tron!(Ultron) “Captain fish America? This is Iron-Fish. I need the rest of the Aqua-vengers here fast!”

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  11. 5b5b609e 334d 4229 841e 7690871dda24
    drds2  almost 2 years ago

    Iron Fish rocks! He is polite and cute, and seems strangely vulnerable. I hope he survives his adventures…

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  12. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    So…how did he get out? Repulsor beams finally worked on the door or through an open window?

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  13. Dscf3970  2
    crazeekatlady  almost 2 years ago

    Fish set the radio to FM station and escaped through the airwaves. Only logical answer!

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  14. 2015 08 25 21.18.06
    JenSolo02  almost 2 years ago

    Fish Scout!

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