Prickly City by Scott Stantis for April 20, 2024

  1. Unnamed
    The dude from FL (not bragging) Premium Member 3 months ago

    Awful thought today, OJ walked! trump has that aura

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  2. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 3 months ago

    The point of this arc is…?

    ‘Kevin’ is… McCarthy? the current version of the MAGAt Messiah? Hunny Bunny? RFKJR?

    Or has Stantis completely run out of ideas?


    Maybe Stantis is like the guy who is offered two choices for dinnner: One is a steaming pile of horse exhaust, seasoned with shards of glass, and the other is chicken. Stantis wants to know how the chicken is cooked and what vegetable is included.

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  3. Picture
    ibFrank  3 months ago

    Well Kevin is too honest to be a Republican in today’s party.

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  4. Img 1931
    Sanspareil  3 months ago

    Lots of magats and trumpherroids, including Trolling Hood, prefer the steaming pile of horse exhaust, seasoned with shards of glass!

    Sad but true!!

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  5. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  3 months ago

    That’s all Stantis has is fear of his awful comics.

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  6. Missing large
    smithsilverstrea  3 months ago

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

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  7. Img 0041
    Dapperdan61  Premium Member 3 months ago

    With RFK in the mix I’m afraid he’d be a spoiler like Ralph Nader was in 2000. Does everyone remember how that played out ?

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  8. Cat and mouse
    dfriedmann Premium Member 3 months ago

    I’ve never really figured out who Kevin is…. !? I want to say Hilary or Bill…..

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  9. Img 1495
    Pip'sMom  Premium Member 3 months ago

    Kevin has always been Bill Clinton, Hunny Bunny is Hilary

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  10. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  3 months ago

    “The kind of threats that you hear coming out of Donald Trump should scare every American because with an authoritarian, you never know what side of the bed they’ll wake up on.” – @HillaryClinton on Defending Democracy.

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  11. Missing large
    elgrecousa Premium Member 3 months ago

    It IS crazy isn’t it?

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  12. Missing large
    vwmdabbler75  3 months ago

    Not if we are woke and really take the long view (inflation beatable in months, even years, rebuilding America’s infrastructure is on-going but will take time to complete etc but loss of democracy could, would take generations to get back, if ever).

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