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  1. over 13 years ago on Shoe

    “The older I get, the better I was.”

  2. over 13 years ago on Lio

    Didn’t anyone notice that the genie is out of the bottle? And is making his escape?

  3. over 14 years ago on ViewsEurope

    “The United States is one of the most generous countries in the world.” – How’s that for “Lib” guilt?

    “Lib guilt” at the Vatican - I guess they did apologize to Galileo…

    Innovation v Stagnation?!!? really?? How convenient to have a victim to blame…

    Re: “Prove it …” - two words: United Fruit.

    The situation depicted in this toon is inherently unstable - sooner than later, I think, in several regions.

  4. over 14 years ago on ViewsEurope

    ^ I think the bait is the use of the Euro as a preferred currency reserve (attractive compared to USD and USD securities) - the trap is the increased leverage that could be then exerted, say, on Russian energy supply.

    Just a guess - I’m surely no economist.

  5. over 14 years ago on ViewsMidEast

    Heartfelt thanks to omQ R for elucidating the context of the cartoon.

    Many of us visit these pages to garner a greater understanding of the world around us and to exchange rational views of current events.

    Unfortunately, trolls have become a fact of life - would they had remained only myth.

  6. over 14 years ago on ViewsEurope

    ^ I’m not sure, either.

    It might refer to contemplated shifts in currency reserves toward the Euro (from the weak USD) at several central banks, particularly Russia’s.


  7. about 15 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    just keep in mind that the opposite of gravity is levity…

  8. about 15 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    HQ -

    That “… gal in George [sic] …” was named Meredith Hope Emerson.

    Nowhere in the extensive local coverage this crime received is there any indication that the perp, Gary Michael Hilton, “… admitted to stalking her in the park because he knew she would not be armed there.” as you claim.

    In fact, Dawson County (Georgia) District Attorney Lee Darragh stated at Hilton’s sentencing that “he chose her because she was a female alone. It was his sole purpose to acquire her (bank) cards and her PIN numbers.”

    check out the story here:


    Can you show me any documentation to support your claim that this whacko Hilton ever, to anyone anywhere at any time, stated that he targeted Ms.Emerson because she would not be armed at the location of her abduction?

    Why is this important? Maybe because using the victim of a particularly repugnant crime to make a specious argument (and in such a glib manner) is itself repugnant.

    Dtroutma - thanks for your comment - spot on.

  9. almost 16 years ago on Matt Davies

    PKSr: I read the filings as posted on your ref - talk about a frivolous lawsuit! Pls check this : http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/born_in_the_usa.html

  10. almost 16 years ago on Shoe

    Love the blackboard’s comments - it appears to be an interactive model complete with irony module, unlike the driven Bush …