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  1. about 14 years ago on On A Claire Day

    sounds like someone needs a vacation!!!

  2. about 14 years ago on Ziggy

    They should say this before those programs that show you footage of surgeries or births!!

  3. about 14 years ago on On A Claire Day

    This is why I avoid the mall as much as possible during the holidays, especially black Friday!!

  4. about 14 years ago on Dog Eat Doug

    I’m sure someone does..they have everything else!

  5. about 14 years ago on Ziggy

    The way the auto industry is going now, many dealers are throwing in BOTH!

  6. about 14 years ago on Lio

    I am with pschearer and whoffkne, you have to be careful with those copyrighted images, especially with a cooperation like the D-word!

  7. about 14 years ago on On A Claire Day

    I think that Claire will “learn” more, seeing as she will be the one cleaning it up!!!

  8. about 14 years ago on For Better or For Worse

    doctortoon is absolutely right! I am a Christian, but I am not one of those Christians who will disrespect someone else because of their beliefs. Unfortunately, people like that ( and we know who they are) had given the Faith a bad name and reputation. Why can’t we show the same love and compassion that Jesus did to our fellow man?

  9. about 14 years ago on Prickly City

    AZPrairieDog: Judging by shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and American Idol, you’re right: smart shows get the ax immediately, but dumb shows that cater to the masses last forever!

  10. about 14 years ago on Ziggy

    Susan 001: Now there’s a downer cartoon for cats!!!!