Red and rover

risitas Free

SW FL retiree, from Cincy.

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  1. over 13 years ago on Bo Nanas

    Gotta think outside the house

  2. about 14 years ago on Free Range

    “Your stewardess may be used as a floatation device.”

  3. about 14 years ago on Shoe

    My wife & I have been married - to each other - for almost 26 years. Our anniversary is on June 29th!

    So, m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e does not ALWAYS lead to d-i-v-o-r-c-e!

  4. about 14 years ago on Real Life Adventures

    I live in Colima, MX, and 30-40% of the adult population here have **Diabetes! It doesn’t help that there’s a looong tradition in town of eating sweet bread for breakfast, as well as lots of sweet snacks during the course of the day. It was a bit embarrassing, when dining at a great Italian restaurant to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, the owner brought out a large, very sweet concoction, as a gift for the two of us. We had to sit there & poke at it a bit, but ended up leaving most of the stuff behind. We DID explain that we don’t eat sweets at all, but their feelings obviously were hurt. *Everyone here just eats sweets ALL DAY LONG!!!

    So, the good ol’ USA is not gettin’ Super-Sized all alone!

  5. about 14 years ago on Bloom County

    Sorry - “sano” means “sane”, for those millions who paid NO attention in HS Spanish classes.

  6. about 14 years ago on Bloom County

    The sanest thing about Mexico - retired here in ‘07 - is that there can never be ANY lawsuits!!! Not a single one can be brought to court. Got a problem? That’s YOUR problem!!!

    Ahhhh - MX is just muy sano!

  7. about 14 years ago on Frank and Ernest

    For dogs, the unexamined butt is ALWAYS worth sniffing!

  8. about 14 years ago on Red and Rover

    He’ll be cleanin’ up leaves, from all the dead trees in the yard.

  9. about 14 years ago on Rubes

    Ooooooohh - a too too tain!!!

  10. about 14 years ago on The Academia Waltz

    Dogs just wanna have fun!