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  1. 3 months ago on Over the Hedge

    a half a mug for 30 seconds on high (1100 Watt Microwave) works for me.

  2. 4 months ago on The Boondocks

    I think “transvestite” is the word you’re looking for.

  3. 4 months ago on Matt Wuerker

    Wow, reservoirs and aqueducts. That would be a great public works project and create lots of jobs and spread the wealth. I’m sure all the republicans will be excited and rush to vote for the spending increases necessary to fund such projects.

  4. 4 months ago on Prickly City

    Like with religion. If everybody is right, then nobody is wrong.

  5. 4 months ago on Matt Davies

    I went from a VW Beetle in ’69 to a BMW in ’84.

  6. 4 months ago on Matt Davies

    Mine was $300 per quarter or $900 for the year.

  7. 4 months ago on Matt Davies

    That’s about right. I remember the early 80’s when double digit % raises couldn’t keep up. I bought my 1st new car in 1969 for $1,900. I bought my 3rd new car in 1984 for $25,000.

  8. 4 months ago on Bob Gorrell

    What’s Biden got to do with baby formula?

    Wasn’t it Republican administrations that encouraged and allowed mergers and acquisitions that reduced competition?

  9. 5 months ago on Non Sequitur

    Simple. Breast milk substitute. The animal’s young drink it so why can’t mine. Adults probably tested it first with a variety of animals (including goats) and liked cows milk best. Those not lactose intolerant survived better.

  10. 5 months ago on Jeff Stahler

    It’s Groundhog Day