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  1. about 1 month ago on Barney & Clyde

    Got it. Thx. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  2. about 1 month ago on Barney & Clyde

    BTW – why are we thanking Bill Clinton? Was there massive de-regulation of the pharmaceutical industry in the 90s that I don’t remember? And was that a Bill Clinton “D@%$it, I want it!” thing or a Newt Gingrich “If you want a budget, we’re cramming this down your throat!” thing?

  3. about 1 month ago on Barney & Clyde

    I’m Bill Clinton, and so’s my wife!

  4. 4 months ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    Looks like the silhouette of an adult Bart Simpson, so… Frazz?

  5. 6 months ago on Rudy Park

    Hmmm. I see a copyright on the side of 2013; I’ll bet the original had Bush and Obama.

  6. 6 months ago on Rudy Park

    Original from Nov 1, 2013:https://www.gocomics.com/rudypark/2013/11/01?ct=v&cti=539519The missing speech bubble says “That’s kind of harsh.”

  7. 7 months ago on Liberty Meadows

    Baa- da da da du da DA da da… (Liberty Bell March)

    c’mon, I can’t be the only one who sees the “IT’S” and immediately thinks Monty Python

  8. 8 months ago on The Buckets

    Meg, hate to tell you, but in the Wiki article, where it says “male horses lack nipples and mammary glands” the superscript says “citation needed”. This may not be an actual fact. (please note the “may not” – I don’t know for sure one way or the other, and I suspect you don’t, either)

  9. 9 months ago on Barney & Clyde

    Read the first panel, then look at the cane.

  10. 12 months ago on Super-Fun-Pak Comix

    I have no proof that you are real.