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  1. almost 11 years ago on Matt Wuerker

    What about someone who is not in Congress or the Senate?There’s always his wife. After all . . . look at all the President’s wives that were really running the White House: Nancy, Hilary, etc.Then there were some who should have run it: Eleanor Roosevelt.

  2. almost 11 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    I wonder if Mexico has Border patrol agents trying to stop US Citizens from crossing over to get cheaper health care.People already go to Tia Juana to buy affordable medicine, and have Dental and surgury done.

  3. almost 11 years ago on Break of Day

    Darwin was right. This proves that species can change: The fish when faced with the Hammer Head Shark knew they were “scre—d” so they changed from nails to flatheads.

  4. almost 11 years ago on Buni

    With apologies to John Hurt in Alien . . .

  5. almost 11 years ago on The Argyle Sweater

    Congratulations Scott !!!You have now made the Quantum Leap from the Comics Page to the Editorial Cartoon of the Week !If Disney had put the effort into the Burroughs series like they did with the Narnia series, they could easily have guarnteed themselves a new Martian Theme park.

  6. about 11 years ago on Stuart Carlson

    Are you saying that the new “Green Energy” source will be Frogs instead of Corn? Look out Kermit !!!

  7. about 11 years ago on Marshall Ramsey

    Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes

  8. about 11 years ago on Stone Soup

    “SOPHIE’s CHOICE” – Revised and Updated

  9. over 11 years ago on Steve Benson

    No one ever talks about the miracle of how a man with stage 4 cancer could have had so many affairs – if you’ll pardon the pun, I do not think he could be “up” to it.Has Herman discovered the secret cure for cancer?

  10. over 11 years ago on Lisa Benson

    Through wind, rain, sleet, snow, and now slime . . . the mail must get through!