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  1. over 14 years ago on Bob Gorrell

    Howgozit, that wasn’t a waste. What really costs money in a census is sending interviewers to homes that didn’t return their form. If sending a reminder improves the response rate, it’s a good investment. The founding fathers required a census because they believed a government should know something about the people they’re trying to govern. I think that’s still a good idea.

  2. over 14 years ago on Ted Rall

    Santa is based on Saint Nicolas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nicholas) who was known for giving gifts to children to commemorate the gifts the three kings brought to the baby Jesus. The timing and some of the symbols of Christmas were taken from earlier religions, but all religions use symbols from earlier religions and give them new meanings. I don’t see anyone celebrating Saturnalia any more, so I think we can safely assume that the Christmas tree now belongs to Christianity. If you don’t think there’s something of value in all of this, watch Miracle on 34th Street.

  3. over 14 years ago on Drew Sheneman

    Almost too true to be funny. Almost.

  4. over 14 years ago on Pat Oliphant

    Dead on.

  5. over 14 years ago on Stuart Carlson

    ANandy is right. Focusing on the likely perpetrators is the answer, but profiling doesn’t get you that. Following the logic of profiling, the U.S would have declared war on China after Pearl Harbor because the Chinese resemble the people who did the bombing. As others have noted here, behavior is the key, not appearance.

  6. over 14 years ago on The Boondocks

    He’s right, he’s safe. I’m sure no terrorist would consider removing that thorn from our side.

  7. over 14 years ago on ViewsLatinAmerica

    Wow, everyone’s getting along for a change. Must be something to do with the season…

  8. over 14 years ago on Jim Morin

    Very apt. Thanks, OLD.

  9. over 14 years ago on Chan Lowe

    Volumes yes. Truth no.

  10. over 14 years ago on Steve Kelley

    Actually folks, the Census Bureau conducts the Census. There’s only two appointees there and they have basically nothing to do with actually conducting the Census.