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Wren Fahel Free

Proud New Englander. Happily married lady with 2 daughters (teenagers as of this writing, 2020). In the professional administrative field since 1986; at present job since 2008. Singer, poet, music & movie fan.

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  1. about 2 hours ago on Baby Blues

    One Halloween he dressed up as a scarecrow (or something like that) and sat quietly in a lawn chair. When a kid walked towards the door he would get up. Kids screamed! So, to answer your question…yes.

  2. 1 day ago on Baby Blues

    Our girl starts her high school senior year on 9/6. What’s funny is that her older sister, because she doesn’t have classes on Fridays, is also starting her college classes on 9/6!

  3. 1 day ago on FoxTrot Classics

    I have 2: one dress, one casual. I love wearing sandals but hate shopping for them because it’s near impossible to find a pair that I like the look of that doesn’t have the stupid thing between the toes. (For the record, I also only have 2 pairs of shoes: one dress, one casual. I’ve never felt the need to own dozens of pairs of shoes.)

  4. 1 day ago on For Better or For Worse

    …or MP3…

  5. 2 days ago on Red and Rover

    I’ve always felt that feet were ugly.

  6. 2 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    We had a bees’ nest near the foundation of our house. I would lay on the grass & watch them go in & out. I never bothered them, and they never bothered me. One day my little brother & 3 of his friends were playing outside when one (who was a total BRAT) decided to throw rocks at it. The bees all came out. What’s odd was BRAT didn’t get a single sting, my brother & his friend Dennis got a few stings, but Dennis’ little brother Paul – the sweetest kid on earth – got stung so bad that he had to be taken to the hospital. Soon after, my dad sprayed the area.

  7. 2 days ago on Baby Blues

    My older daughter’s dear Godmother (DG) always took both of my girls back-to-school shopping. I always looked forward to seeing what their first-day outfits would be. She generally let them pick, but had somewhat final say…except the year when my older girl wanted a “Monster High” dress. She got it, but DG wasn’t sure what I would think about it (she’s V-E-R-Y conservative). Once I explained to her what Monster High was about, she felt better.

  8. 2 days ago on PreTeena

    When my first daughter was a born, I somehow got a subscription to a Parenting Magazine. It should have been subtitled, “For parents with huge houses, and too much time & money on their hands.”

  9. 3 days ago on Red and Rover

    When I was a child, our back porch was cement steps, but the bottom step had a hole in the vertical part, and a large toad lived in there. I would often hold him when he came out, scritching between his eyes (he liked that).

  10. 4 days ago on PreTeena

    Exactly what I was going to say.