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  1. about 14 years ago on Jim Morin

    Hey, why does New Jersey have the most toxic waste dumps and California have the most lawyers?

    Because New Jersey got to choose first.

  2. about 14 years ago on Clay Jones

    As long as he can keep getting millions of dollars for signing he will keep re-retiring. Anybody would too.

  3. about 14 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    This is a blatant attempt on the part of the NFL to gain more notoriety. Lets face it, less the 30% of the people even give a d@mn about football and those that do will not stop giving a d@mn because of Micheal Vick. Here we have a ruckus being made because a much greater percentage give a d@mn about animals and they will give attention to the NFL now. Brilliant marketing.

  4. about 14 years ago on Chip Bok

    Lefties can’t handle the fact that BHO has a nasty habit that makes him a fallible human being and can actually make mistakes. The MSM has covered it up pretty well but…….sorry, he’s a smoker.

  5. about 14 years ago on Walt Handelsman

    Sure fennec, thats a good excuse. The problem here is that this is not business, and the executive authority that has been delegated allows these people to circumvent the oversight intended by the framers by claiming executive priviledge, and thusly are answerable to no one execpt BHO (And the thugs Axelrod and Emmanuel). I know, I know, BHO is 100% on the up and up and would never do anything nefarious to achieve a political agenda. If you keep looking backwards at Bush your gonna fall right into the trap the BHO has layed out. Or is that you at the bottom of the trap already.

  6. about 14 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Yes, much like Olbermann’s and Madow’s.

  7. about 14 years ago on Pat Oliphant

    The next item on the list for Mr. Vick is a shoe contract. I can hear the tag line already….”Micheal Vick shoes,….your dogs can hang in em”

  8. about 14 years ago on Glenn McCoy

    24 hour news cycle is a ravenous animal. Small scraps become banquets.

  9. about 14 years ago on Walt Handelsman

    People are waking up to the fact that Mr Obama is not a leader. He is a delegator, as evidenced by his umpteen Czars.

  10. about 14 years ago on John Deering

    A bad idea is a bad idea, no matter if the idea is put forth 50 years ago or today.