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  1. about 20 hours ago on Mike Beckom

    Dumber than usual.

  2. 15 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    Sad but true. I’m not an insider so I can’t fathom why we have to choose between the two likely candidates. I like to think that if we had a few more viable political parties, governing would require coalitions and compromise and we would end up with better government.

  3. 15 days ago on Chip Bok

    1. It’s Mike Turner, R-Ohio not Tucker. He’s wearing a name badge2. As some others have commented, the big deal is Russia’s threat to launch nukes into earth orbit to take out communication satellites.

  4. 17 days ago on Clay Jones

    The flies are a nice touch.

  5. about 1 month ago on Jen Sorensen

    The Salinas Californian in Salinas, California (catchy name) did fire all of its reporters.

  6. about 2 months ago on John Deering

    Why would he fire McClellan? Little Mac did a great job of preparing the Union Army for war but was a poor field commander.

  7. about 2 months ago on Jeff Danziger

    If anyone is interested in the impact of George Wallace on contemporary American politics, I recommend “The Politics of Rage: George Wallace, the Origins of the New Conservatism, and the Transformation of American Politics” by Dan T. Carter. I haven’t read it for a few years but it is still on my bookshelf. When I read it it the first time, I thought that if it had included a dvd of the speeches referenced in it the book would have been more impactful. I am old enough to remember George Wallace and his hate-filled, sneering manner. Keep up the good work Lt. D.

  8. about 2 months ago on Jen Sorensen

    Nailed it, Jen!

  9. 2 months ago on Jeff Danziger

    not about the food. Lt. D, I think you are being too subtle for some of your readers.

  10. 2 months ago on Gary Varvel

    What a jerk.