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  1. about 8 hours ago on Frazz

    When I see the word latex, I hear Elmo saying, Wubba, wubba, wubba!

  2. about 19 hours ago on Frazz

    Yup. More plastic in the water supply is bad.

  3. 9 days ago on Long Story Short

    Danke schoen.

  4. 9 days ago on Long Story Short

    Sentient roaches will set a new paradigm for value-added sync programming.

  5. 9 days ago on Invisible Bread

    There’s a little trophy on top, with a little trophy on top – infinity.

  6. 10 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Townes Van Zandt was a GREAT songwriter.

  7. 11 days ago on F Minus

    Radioactive Pop-Tarts would be a good band name.

  8. 12 days ago on Dogs of C-Kennel

    I would like t see the interjection, “gadzooks,” become normal in daily life.

  9. 16 days ago on Compu-toon

    The CPU and the motherboard.

  10. 16 days ago on Adam@Home

    “Sometimes you have to let art flow over you.” – Nick, The Big Chill