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  1. over 14 years ago on Jim Morin

    Please don’t quote George Bernard Shaw. He wrote well, but he was a Eugenics advocate for years. And really he wasn’t near to being a great writer. Also he wasn’t an American talking about his country in that quote.

  2. over 14 years ago on Gary Varvel

    Good for Bayh. He should save himself from the toxic climate of DC. Fighting long and hard is one thing, but fighting a hopeless battle long and hard is another. It’s wearing, draining on a person’s spirit to be stuck between two mortal enemies.

  3. over 14 years ago on Ken Catalino

    Aren’t most politicians narcissistic? Regardless of affiliations, I mean? This congressman is the typical Narcissus of legend, but this Echo has grown beyond the tragic lovelorn girl. Progress!

    BTW– I love that cupid! Thanks Mr. Catalino.

  4. over 14 years ago on Tony Auth

    ↑ That’s funny, ANandy! Thanks!

  5. over 14 years ago on Ziggy

    The hot dogs are like liquor or tobacco products, and the Heimlich guy is the Healthcare industry in America today Preventative medicine?

  6. over 14 years ago on Heathcliff

    The Heathcliff I know is no sex addict! At least no more than (Cheetah) Woods is one.

    Heathcliff is more of a Capt. Jack Sparrow–an untamed charmer always scrounging for the necessities. Plus, neither character is supposed to be a faithful husband to just one lady.

    Just a second: Heathcliff isn’t a daddy, is he?!!


  7. over 14 years ago on NEUROTICA

    That’s sweet! Awww…. Thanks, Big Al.

  8. over 14 years ago on Steve Benson

    Our President has many faults,disappointing his believers in small ways again and again–but this lady is an embarrassment. And I wish she’d stop wearing that teased-up looking hairpiece.

    I think the people who like and defend Palin’s every word and deed aloud consider her a a dingbat in private. You can still be a “true” republican if you don’t support Sarah Palin. You can still be a feminist while criticizing her too. Is Sarah Palin worth your integrity?

  9. over 14 years ago on Mike Luckovich

    She’s like a George W. Bush in drag.

    Funny comic, thank you!

  10. over 14 years ago on Joel Pett

    ^ I agree. Well said.