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  1. about 12 years ago on Stuart Carlson

    California recalled Gray Davis and he has not been reelected. Doofus!

  2. over 12 years ago on Stone Soup

    stop here

  3. over 12 years ago on Stone Soup


  4. over 12 years ago on Stone Soup

    Stone Soup – January 1, 2000

  5. over 12 years ago on Bloom County

    OMG, I remember laughing until my stomach hurt when this first came out.

  6. almost 13 years ago on Stone Soup

    This happened with my 3-year-old. I told him this is what we are eating and I was putting it in the fridge in 20 minutes. In the fridge it went and when he got really hungry, he asked if he could still eat it (after a lot of tears…a lot of tears). I heated it up and we hever had another problem. Now that he’s six, he just has to take one bite of everything and he got to pick one veggie he never has to eat (broccoli, of course!). He doesn’t eat a lot of vegetables but at least he takes a bite.

  7. over 13 years ago on Speed Bump

    I think he is making fun of some of the “private community” names, like Woods Estate. I thought this was funny.