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  1. almost 12 years ago on La Cucaracha

    @Fairportfan2- I assume the opposite. The timing is too close- I’m assuming it’s an homage.

  2. almost 12 years ago on W.T. Duck

    @detourjones- I believe that that is the point of the strip— revenge in the guise of a thank you card. No, not that the photog wants to injure the client’s pets or children, but that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to ever get rid of the blighted glitter. I got such a holiday card from a vendor, who for some reason sent it to my home address instead of work— 10 years later, the vacuum was still picking up the bleeping glitter!

  3. almost 12 years ago on Matt Bors

    @yohannbiimu- What is the point of you calling a comic “retarded”? It is highly insensitive, insulting and inaccurate to (mis)use the adjective “retarded” [or worse, those who use the made up noun “retard”] as a synonym for “stupid.” Equating people or thing which you consider willfully stupid with those who have a developmental delay or disability which they did NOT ask for, is, as I said, both inaccurate and insulting to those with cognitive impairments and those of us who love them. Find some other insult, please.

  4. almost 12 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    @Chibi-robo64— Miss Grammar Nazi says to use FEWER exclamation points.

  5. about 12 years ago on ViewsBusiness

    Rather tacky timing, bad taste, chap.

  6. about 12 years ago on Sylvia

    You bury your phone in kitty litter (clean) or rice (dry, uncooked) to attempt to fix it if it’s gotten wet.

  7. about 12 years ago on FoxTrot

    Actually, if you change his 2.5 hours to 3 hours, it’s called “chronotherapy,” and it’s what sleep specialist docs prescribe for people with such sleep disorders as “day-night reversal,” or people who have to switch work shifts.

  8. about 12 years ago on Jeff Danziger

    I LOVE the reference to revelation in the last campaign of the Romney family’s insane & dangerous practice of vacationing w/ their dog tied to the roof of their car in his carrier!

  9. about 12 years ago on The Argyle Sweater

    Nice pun-thread. @Aircraft Engineer- Rachel calls you, too? Gee, I thought I was special. @rekam—My state has a strongly enforced no call list & have actually brought in some hefty fines. But alas, I’m a Luddite w/ no caller ID, & I do NOT want to press 1 for more details… They don’t give a call back number even when I do— when I ask, they hang up, pronto.

  10. over 12 years ago on The Other Coast

    This is what I’M sayin’! I am very allergic to perfume, and therefore don’t subscribe to any publication that uses such ads— even when they are removed, the residue on the mag is enough to make me genuinely ill; in fact, it’s a problem if anyone in my building gets perfumed mail that contaminates mine when the mail carrier is filling the mailboxes. I keep having to call those mass advert companies to take me off their mailing lists, too. I laughed at this cartoon, but in the real world, it’s a genuine menace! Elevators, city buses…haven’t been to a real “department store” in years.