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  1. 10 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Business as usual…

  2. 20 days ago on Herman

    He doesn’t say it any more – he’s dead!

  3. 22 days ago on Herman

    Such a waste of time. So what if women had to do both in prehistoric times? A woman whose mate was killed didn’t have social systems or governments to help, so gee, what a surprise if she might have had to hunt for herself! Duh! Both sexes had to be more self sufficient for similar reasons, churning their own butter, tending hearth fires, choping wood, carrying it from wherever TO the hearth, and getting rid of the ashes. The men spent the entire day either hunting or farming and looking after the animals. Not surprising that the work was divided up according to strength when possible, until the industrial revolution. Now women complain that they have to do all the laundry or wash the dishes (by pushing a button on a machine!). I remember what it was like in our household wh n I was a kid. Dad worked as a pharmacist, mum stayed at home. She had respiratory problems, couldn’t sleep easily, so never got up before 10 – as a kid I made my own breakfast etc until I was old enough for schooL She had lunch on the table when I got home…but she spent a part of her day chatting online with her sisters, reading magazines, as well as the housework. Done at her own rhythm. My father often worked until late at night – spent his entire day on his feet – then came home and helped with the dishes. As a young boy I realized that staying at home was FAR preferable to going out to work every day; you were your own boss! If you didn’t feel like doing something you left it til the next day. Once the kids were old enough for school, women had plenty of time to meet friends for drinks or card games in the afternoon – not every day, but often enough. I would have MUCH preferred being a home-bound woman. The working work has stresses that are far worse for peopel’s health and at home it was invariably the women who ruled, who decided which furniture, what colour schemes etc. They basically had everything THEIR way – the man was under her thumb!

  4. 22 days ago on Herman

    It might be interesting to note if the article was written by men or women. Scientists are prejudiced and biased too. For decades biologists studying animals saw LOTS of homosexual activity but always pretended it wasn’t happening! It is only in recent years that we now know that homosexual activity happens in hundreds of species. One of the most “gay” are porpoises. They are faithful to their female mate… but only spend time with her when she is in estrus. The rest of teh year is spent among the other males – and they generally have a best male freind tha t the have sex with regularly but also orgies. WHO KNEW? 50 years ago all of the data now known was either ignored or buried or simply not written at all…

  5. 22 days ago on Herman

    Why would I want to? I’m gay… and I see what goes on around me and feel sorry for straight men today. EVERYTHING is done for women and men are being treated like rejects. NY Times writes 6 articles in 6 months about women getting abused in the military. ONE article mentions (only in passing) that men do too – in fact MORE men than women, and tehe effect is disastrous because it hits their sense of viritlity as well as all the other problems. But it was mentionedd in passing, because the REAL topics today are only about women’s problems. (Covid… lots of articles about women affected by it- while in fact more MEN died from it than women, but WHO KNEW?) Article after article about domestic abuse – and only occasionally one which gives thereal facts – that as many men get abused as women but we never hear about it…OR… the data comes from the police reports (men usually don’t complain to the police as they then get laughed at and humiliated for not being “real men” blah blah- the proper reports come from the hospitals! And on and on… Since most people don’t even know the half of it – they of course come out with comments like yours instead of taking the time to discover that my facts are correct. Oh, and “male violence”; The largest group in domestic violence (percentage wise) isn’t even heterosexual…it is lesbians beating each other up. WHO KNEW? But it is SO much easier to berate men -and so much more satisfying to the feminist narrative. Have a good evening!

  6. 24 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    The polls ask the wrong questoin. They should ask "Would you support Biden if he had a more reputable VP to take his place if needed? THAT would show us a lot more about what people REALLY fear with Biden. Remember John McCain. A good candidate even if you don’t like Repub licans. But having Sarah Palin as his running mate is why he never got elected.

  7. 24 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    Actually Buttigieg (spelling? I’m too lazy to look it up…) is an extremely impressive politician in every way; his ONLY negative is that as a gay man a lot of people would shy away from voting for him – for all the wrong reasons. I cannot think of another candidate who would be better… and he doesn’t need a nose ring or any of the accoutrements to prove his bono fides to that community. (Why you think an LGBTQ+ candidate is automatically what is needed is beyond me. Everyoe thought a black woman was what was needed, but Kamala has been a major disappiontment and is now an specific negative to Biden’s candidacy.

  8. 24 days ago on Herman

    I have always had women friends and was a staunch supporter of Feminism for the first two waves of that movement. But I do NOT like the third wave Feminist BS which has taken over every conversation. It is no longer a question of equality but rather domination, starting originally with the toilet war injunction of “I need it DOWN! You have no respect for women if you leave it up.” (complete hypocrisy as a man could say exactly the same thing…but isn’t allowed to; I have been sitting down to pee for years, so I too “need it down” but would I ever make demands about it? Of course not -because I’m an ADULT… completely capable of putting the seat up or down as required. The women who scream about this pretend they are “strong and independent and competent women” – and yet they need someone else to put this down for them as if they were 3 years old? Nope… this has nothing to do with “respect” and everything to do with total dominatioin.. AND… it’s working. “Mansplaining”..; – how DARE a man give an opinion…that’s domineering! “Manspreading” – how dare he act like a man? (Women who wear pants will do the same thing when they are sitting but nobody will mention this “minor” detail). “Equal pay” – agreed, except that it is often NOT for equal work when they get special time off for maternity leave, then they get to leave at 5pm to pick up lkddies while those without kids continue doing the work they aren’t. (Apparently a study showed that women who are NOT married and have NO kids make 13% MORE on average than their male counterparts!! So the pay scale argument is really about life-choices and not misogyny.) And so it goes. I’m just fed up with thier megaphones spewing DUBIOUS claims which are so easily deflated. Except that no one dares to. “Men still have more power”?? Uh-huh. Except ANY woman today can totally ruin a man’s entire life with 4 words: "He touched me inappropriately’. True or false – now THAT’s power!

  9. 25 days ago on Herman

    My favourite gripe is the one where women say tthey should be paid to stay at home and look after the kiddies etc. Ask how much they want to be paid and it is a hefty sum. Then, as soon as some woman decides to go out and work (to fulfill herself) and pay another woman to stay at home and do the same everyday functions, they immediately try and find someone who will do it for the lowest salary imaginable. In other words, it’s ALL ABOYT THEM – but no problem exploiting other women as long as SHE GETS HERS! The hypocrisy is overwhelming; but nobody notices.

  10. 26 days ago on Clay Bennett

    Hamas…. obviously. As he points out, they are ready to kill anyone and everyone to reach their goals which are (as seen directly in their Charter) completely genocidal: first to destroy Israel and all Jews anywhere, and then all infidels (meaning non-Muslims) in order to set up a world-wide Caliphate. It’s all clearly stated. Mosab realized this when he iwas mprisoned in an Israeli jail along with other members of Hamas. The Israelis basically left them to themselves inside the prison, and the Hamas agents were torturing and killing any of their own people who they considered suspect for one reason or another. Later on, when Hamas took over Gaza, they invited their Palestinian political opponents to a Congressional dinner – at which all of the opposition was slaughtered. THAT is Hamas… and Mosab felt he could no longer support them. Hamas knew full well that >Israel would strike back hard after Oct 7… but that’s what they want. The more Palestinians killed, the worse Israel looks, because Hamas knows that people are too dumb to joijn the dots. There Israelis said specifically that they would end the blockade if Hamas returned teh hostages. They later also said they would agree to a cease-fire if the hostages were releases. SO… hundreds of thousands of Palestinians could have been saved SIMPLT by releasing the hostages – but Hamas does not care about their own people enough to do so. SO who is really to blame for ALL of this if it isn’t Hamas?