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  1. over 10 years ago on Pickles

    i had collar length hair, buzzed it, and it took a week before anyone at work noted it. :P

  2. over 10 years ago on Garfield

    Patches got up to ~10kg/22lb about 5 years ago. Vet schooled us on feline obesity, joint deterioration/hip displasia, diabetes (sounds like fat people?). she now is a healthier 14.5lb. Norwegian Forest cats are large, but she was an armload!

  3. over 10 years ago on For Better or For Worse

    I used to do this, until she got annoyingly late one time and I found her unconcious on the bathroom floor. 34 years for us!

  4. over 10 years ago on The Dinette Set

    good gawd, people. it’s a cartoon. enjoy it for just what it is.

  5. over 10 years ago on Close to Home

    Here: read this 3 yr old magazine while you wait. “The Monthly Malpractician”

  6. over 10 years ago on Luann

    talktalktalk. Lets see: we have yet to see frames of sexuality returned to any female, by quinn. it’s obvious luann would jump his bones if he gave her the chance. even the dingbat couldn’t get a rise out of him. quinn has made arrangements to live with gunther. the bookworm and the goth aren’t hooking up, so….hmmmm…..who’da thunk it?

  7. over 10 years ago on The Dinette Set

    while the west bakes, the north plains gets drenched, virginia has had the nicest weather for about 20 years now—i think it got down to freezing twice last winter. bring on that warming stuff—-10degF winters are for yankees! :)

  8. over 10 years ago on The Dinette Set

    or better yet, a door mat on top of the door mat so the door mat doesn’tget….oh ugh.

  9. over 10 years ago on [Deleted]

    Yeha: a SoCal hamburger shop owner, that started selling 99cent tacos (Steve Bell). There ya go….food assembled with masonry tools and caulking guns. Nothin’ mexican there….

  10. over 10 years ago on Close to Home

    sticky inside, dummy. good for catching mice, too. they squeal and wiggle all over trying to get unstuck. drives the cat nuts.