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  1. 22 minutes ago on Mike Lester

    During a recent press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself in the hot seat as reporters grilled her about President Joe Biden’s potential involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Here’s the whole story.The scrutiny comes in the wake of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry into the president, with Jean-Pierre consistently saying that House Republicans lack any substantial evidence linking President Biden to his son’s affairs.The heated exchange unfolded when New York Post correspondent Steven Nelson asked, “Can you explain why the president interacted with so many of his son’s foreign business associates!? More than half of voters told CNN they believe the president was involved, and he lied! You can’t have a response to that, Karine?”In response, Jean-Pierre opted not to answer and promptly left the podium.Democrats – Have no answers for their dishonest, unethical lying SOB President.

  2. 29 minutes ago on Clay Bennett

    Bidens got a brown pair of pants. He just met the Pope again.

  3. 31 minutes ago on Brewster Rockit

    She’ll be in New York this weekend cheering on her new B/F.

  4. 40 minutes ago on Michael Ramirez

    It’s a good reminder of what a strong American POTUS can do.

  5. 42 minutes ago on Michael Ramirez

    This is your team and you’re stuck with them. Have fun with that.Headline / Story – President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are tanking, especially among independent voters. The American people do not like weak leaders, and they do not like the craziness that’s infiltrating their daily lives.

    Biden campaigned as someone who could bring the country together. Since taking office, he’s made no effort to do that. Instead, he has continually conceded to his party’s far-left wing, which is growing crazier by the day. It’s not clear if Biden is just too weak to take them on or if he is buying into their craziness, but either way, people are not happy.The Democrats policies are so crazy not even their allies in the dominant corporate media can succeed in selling them.

  6. about 1 hour ago on Lisa Benson

    The Freedom Caucus wants 2 things, rein in spending and to secure the border. I’m no fan of some of their members but the 2 core policies that they want to advance are not unreasonable, and the democrats ignore their concerns until something like this bubbles up to the surface.

  7. about 1 hour ago on Gary Varvel

    The guy who hired the robot is a republican. You are right. He can see the future and it doesn’t include people who have priced themselves out of the market.

  8. about 1 hour ago on Gary Varvel

    Gary is right on. Look around. Home Depot, your favorite grocery store, Target, favorite pharmacy etc. all have self-checkout lanes. They used to have employees in all those places. Not that hard to put robots on the assembly lines. 10% of the workforce in America are union guys. No wonder Joe always says, “I’m a proud supporter of unions”. He’s stuck in the 1960’s.

  9. about 1 hour ago on Gary Varvel

    You are exactly right. He went there for O N E reason. The UAW has not confirmed who they will support in the next election so he’s trying to get their commitment. After he left he flew to California to rub shoulders with other millionaires he hopes that will cut checks to him (oopsie) I mean his reelection campaign.

  10. about 2 hours ago on Mike Lester

    Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law expert, testified during the first hearing in the GOP-led House Oversight Committee’s impeachment probe that he does “not believe that the current evidence would support articles of impeachment” against President Joe Biden. However, he also stated that the impeachment inquiry itself is merited and that the House needs to answer troubling questions around allegations of corrupt conduct.