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  1. over 10 years ago on Steve Benson

    What’s next? Putting Jimmy Carter up there? If Carter II, why not Carter I?

    Since when do we honor “Below Average” presidents? Both devastated the economy with their liberal tax and spend programs. And before you liberals blame Bush, remember that Obama was in the Senate for 4 years and supported Bush’s reckless spending.

  2. almost 11 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    Venus is brown — Neptune is blue.

  3. over 11 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    Pets damaging property somehow is funny?

  4. over 11 years ago on Mike Lester

    As in real life, Obama just doesn’t get it. Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will.

  5. over 11 years ago on Chan Lowe

    My comment was directed to another one of Eryx’s nonsensical rants. I guess he realized the error of his ways and deleted his post, leaving my comment first.

    First, both Republicans and Democrats district shop. Targeting West is more liberal rhetoric.

    Second, there is a technical distinction between district shopping and gerrymandering. However, both are based on the same principal — trying to stack the deck to win an election. Again, both parties are equally culpable.

  6. over 11 years ago on Chan Lowe

    Are you suggesting that there is a meaningful distinction between “district-shopping” and gerrymandering? Or as one of my professors used to say, “Same thing, only different.” Of course, when the liberals do it, no problem.

    To simplify things for you, a professor is someone who teaches college courses.

  7. over 11 years ago on Matt Bors

    Extremely poor taste — even for a liberal.

  8. over 11 years ago on Lisa Benson

    You will set a record that no one will ever break — most posts without a cogent comment. Better study for that GED.

  9. over 11 years ago on Ken Catalino

    His campaign slogan should be “First dither, then blather.”

  10. over 11 years ago on Lisa Benson

    No, the American public, with a big assist from the media, slipped and pushed him into the Oval Office. In November, we will put him in a lifeboat and let him drift out to sea.