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Cat whisperer, writer, comedian, engineer, widower, graphic artist, masseur, programmer, photographer, dancer, and two college degrees in humble.

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  1. about 7 hours ago on Pickles

    OK. We’ll do this… Have you tried eating wild strawberry leaves with a ground hog cooked in a single buillion cube in a gallon of boiled water (serves twelve)? The taste of nothing gets so annoying you chew little bits of toothpaste to remember what food is like, while your body eats itself.

  2. about 7 hours ago on Pickles

    Um, right. Exactly similar …???

  3. about 8 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    My understanding is that some boys got together to play D&D and learn skills like dice rolling and snacking while some girls got together to practice cliqueing and shunning people who were different or whose jokes they didn’t like. :)

    Later in life, women would be wondering why so many men were fat gamblers and the men would be wondering why some women were such …

    (I am being trolled by someone who has done so before.)

  4. about 10 hours ago on Get Fuzzy

    Reminds me of The Firesign Theater’s “Waiting for the Electrician (or Someone Like Him)”.

    “Follow along as we learn three new words in Turkish – ‘towel’ … ‘bath’ … ‘bor-der’.”

  5. about 17 hours ago on Texts From Mittens

    Must have decided it was a “dog thing”. :)

  6. about 17 hours ago on Ziggy

    “This appears to be the Clown menu. Please, the regular menu, if you don’t mind.”

  7. about 17 hours ago on Cathy Classics

    Future archeologists will find these machines, puzzle over the myriad household photos of them in backgrounds of various room and probably concluded they were an exotic form of sculpture, possibly evolved from the Bauhaus School. :)

  8. about 17 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    At the very least, it should be a mandatory direct-to-memory download for all WriterBots. :)

    The sequences shown were always very brief but dead-on-the-money satire at its finest. I do remember Mom watching the soaps where someone was always coming back after a long absence caused by AMNESIA!

  9. about 17 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    It calls to mind the “great” robot actor Calculon, from Futurama. He actually killed himself to perform his death scene in a competition. It still wasn’t good enough. As Kurt Vonnegut wrote, “So it goes.”

  10. about 17 hours ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    I once made a tiny cat figure for my girlfriend. It wasn’t a great sculpture but it was pure cat.