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  1. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    Believe it or not Sugie that was my highly edited and abreviated version.

  2. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    Aha! StelBel, now it all makes sense! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I’m running out the door for an appointment but I will be back later…….I hope.

  3. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    Why yes, yes it is a bone, Noicant. Very gooood!

  4. over 10 years ago on [Deleted]

    Greetings Shikamoo ! OK then, let’s try making the next word bold*…..I typed in bold, I put the 8 key next to the word and hit shift and it doesn’t look like anything happened except I now have an asterisk next to “bold”.

    How can I mess up something that looks like it should be simple. I know about putting the asterisks in front and in back of a clause or a word but I didn’t know you could just use one.

    Awk! Now I’m not making any sense even to myself……

  5. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    Hi IMudd, I’ve noticed that sometimes people leave a comment and there is a little number at the end of it. In your case, there is an 8 after “Here’s a bone”

    Pray say, what do these little integers mean? I have no idea why there are numbers in the comments folks leave that apparently have no connection to the text. But they must. Otherwise why would anyone leave them????

    Please enlighten if you have a moment for what is probably already pretty common knowledge around these parts.

  6. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    Um, Fergus, I think that would be ever since dogs started dressing in human clothes, sitting at desks and having intelligent conversations with teachers while using human words. Very undoglike. More like one of the kids. Hence, the principal’s office.

  7. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    What???? Am I the only one still awake here? It’s about 12:50 AM here in California and I thought surely there would be someone else wide awake.

    I’ve got to get to bed and get some sleep. Got “stuff” to do tomorrow and lots of it too.

    See you all in the morning StelBel, Dry, Sugie, Citizen GROG, Cleokaya, Shikamoo, x_Tech. JP Steve, noicant (Happy!, Joy!), Nighthawks, Lonewolf, Greg Trail, chefwen, mightaswellbe, IMudd, serenaskitty, Lingee Whiz Saucy1211 and everyone who loves to visit at Citizen Dog, the friendliest place to be.,

  8. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    Just in case anybody is interested in my ceiling painting…., I’m not finished yet as I hoped I would be. But I am well on my way and will get it all done soon. Those extra trips back and forth to Ace hardware because the paint was the wrong color etc. really cut into my working time!

    My brother was taken totally by surprise when he got back from his two day trip with a friend so see “the races”.. Motorcycles that is. He rides "em too. Not the races though.

    He looked at what I had finished and said it looked great and he was amazed at how good it looked. Then he added, “I just can’t trust you alone for more than a couple of hours at a time, can I?”

    Then he was off and cautioning me with almost the same thoughts that you, my friends, expressed. “Don’t you realize you could have fallen off the ladder?” and so forth. I’ts just because I know he loves me and is concerned about me. But if I listened to him and wrapped myself in bubble wrap so I wouldn’t get hurt, I would never get anything done. By the way, he is younger than I am and worries about me. Sweet. But I am not going to just quit doing “things” because of a few years that I have accumulated.

  9. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    Ohmigosh! This comic sounds as if it were written 65 or 70 years ago when I was in school. MISS Mahoney! MRS Toomin! ? That’s the way we addressed each other when I went to school. In ancient times that is.

    It wouldn’t have occured to me to be less formal and correct with my teachers. Besides, had I so thought I would have been rewarded with some kind of immediate punishment then held up as a bad example of manners to the class by the offended teacher and worst of all, my parents would have been notified of my impertinence and disrespect. That would have resulted in my mom crying because I “disgraced” the entire family and my dad deciding on the best way to punish the offence so that it didn’t happen again.

    Yeah, that’s the way it really was back then!

    Now the kids, my niece and her contemporaries and the kids belonging to various friends and so forth, call their teachers by their first names as though they were classmates or best friends. Besides, although we cannot see Mrs. Toomin, you can bet she is properly attired and modestly but properly dressed.

    The teachers in my niece’s school as well as the kids appear in class in the most casual and, based on what we wore to class, inappropriate attire. Besides, I can’t tell the teachers from the students in the higher grades and high school. They all dress pretty much the same. There is no distiction in betwwen how the students and teachers address each other, it’s all very casual.

    But whatever makes them happy I guess. It’s just so very foreign and, to me, somehow wrong because of the distiction that existed when I was in school. I guess that’s the way the world turns and who knows where it is going. I’m glad I went to school when I did instead of now. Or….maybe if I were a kid now, I might just think to myself, “Wow! I’m sure glad I”m going to school now instead of in those “good old days”."

    Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective.

    A very good day to all you excellent students of the world, StelBel, Dry, Sugie, Citizen GROG, Cleokaya, Saucy1121, x_Tech, JP Steve, nooicant (Happy, Joy), Nighthawks, Lonewolf, Shikamoo, Greg Trail, Chefweneroo, Jkissmya, mightaswellbe, IMudd, serenaskitty, Lingee Whiz, Peabody-Maritini and all the Citizens of Dog!

  10. over 10 years ago on Citizen Dog

    I’m just checking in because I promised I would and to let you know that, no, I haven’t fallen off of the ladder…..yet. I’m still in the midst of painting the ceilings and boy! did I hurt last night after I finished for the day. My neck and shoulders just felt strained and I ached.

    Not used to the back and forth over my head with the roller or paint brush and my muscles were asking me "What are you THINKING! “Hush up” I told them, I have to finish what I started so just get used to it until I’m done.

    I’m behind schedule. Picked up the paint yesterday morning and that means a 15 mile one way trip to Ace Hardware. Got home, opened the can, thought “Hmmmm, that looks a little more yellow thatn it should”, but started to apply it. I thought maybe after it dries it wouldn’t look quite so yellowish. Nope, still yellow after it dried. Fortunately it was in my closet so it wasn’t a really big deal but I didn’t want to use it in the rest of the house.

    Back to the paint store to tell them they didn’t get the color to match the paint chip sample that I had picked out. That meant I had to clean up, change clothes and try to get myself to look reasonably “put together” as my mom used to say. Had to wait for 30 minutes for the paint mixer person to get back to mix another can (this time they got it right) and I drove home to begin another round.

    Back to work! Have a happy stress free Sunday All! StelBel, Dry, Sugie, Citizen GROG, Cleokaya, Lonewolf, x_Tech, JP Steve, Greg Trail, Saucy 1121, noicant, Nighthawks, Shikamoo, chefwonderoo, Jkissmya, mightaswellbe, IMudd, serenaskitty, Lingee Whiz, Peabody-Martini and …..Hey! ALL you guys!