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  1. about 3 hours ago on Bozo

    I live south of the historic Monadnock Building in the Loop. Constructed in two phases, starting in 1890, it is the last and largest brick load-bearing building built in Chicago. It is a striking design, inside and out. One of the establishments within is the Shoe Hospital. Also rare these days, there is a haberdashery, Optimo Hats. A quick search will provide ample photos and information on the special building. Bozo would fit right in, as would Fuzzy.

  2. about 17 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Sam has an urge to visit the diner to ponder the sophistical refutations over some tasty brisket.

  3. about 18 hours ago on Bozo

    1. Repair a shoe. Build a new you. Work the griddle. Doing little.

    2. Privacy from prying eyes. Off the track the shade it flies.

    3. Little loot from Santa with a stocking so small.

    Borrow one from long legs, make off with quite a haul.

  4. 1 day ago on Jack Ohman

    “One day, on the floor of the Senate in 1993, Idaho Republican Larry Craig condescended to Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic sponsor of a proposed ban on assault weapons. “The gentle lady from California needs to become a little bit more familiar with firearms and their deadly characteristics,” he said. Craig, a board member of the National Rifle Association, had picked the wrong target.

    “I am quite familiar with firearms,” Dianne responded, with fire in her eyes. “I became mayor as a product of assassination. I found my assassinated colleague and put a finger through a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. I was trained in the shooting of a firearm when I had terrorist attacks, with a bomb in my house, when my husband was dying, when I had windows shot out. Senator, I know something about what firearms can do.”

    Craig was left sputtering, and the Senate passed the assault weapons ban thanks to Dianne’s tireless advocacy. My husband proudly signed the ban and it helped keep millions of Americans safer for a decade." HRC – 10/2/23

    RIP Senator Feinstein

  5. 1 day ago on Bozo

    1. All bricks tossed over the wall come crashing down, wall and all.

    2. Radiator good to go. Thaws the bird bath in the snow.

    3. Stormy weather takes a turn. Pilot Bozo quick to learn.

  6. 2 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Good to see the MCU roundtable the case. A manuscript is not a toy. More than one item could have been purloined from the wall safe. Was there a knife in the box? Monks led the way in artistically adding pictures, ornate lettering, and borders to texts, which were typically scripture. The use of burnished gold added to the value of medieval manuscripts. Scriptoria soon flourished in France, Italy, and other locations. Wealthy patrons ordered illuminated manuscripts for their own libraries, keeping artists busy.

    More of the good stuff from Shelley. I like that we get a peek at the Caxton Estate as Tracy gives Pat the lowdown. The story kicked off with a murder, providing an atypical “who done it” narrative. We may get a firsthand gander at victim number three. Tic toc, Tracy. Little time and few clues puts pressure on the MCU. Thanks for the generous likes. Much appreciated!

  7. 3 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Murder most foul for manuscripts. Tracy on the trail

    Anticipate what may come next. Deadly should he fail.

    In days of old did burnished gold make pages come alive

    On modulating colors feast, they make the pages thrive.

    The glory of scriptoria in monasteries started

    Now a killer walks the earth whose victims have departed

    Robbed of rare treasures and heirlooms. Research also plundered

    In Tracy’s town the criminal may have thus badly blundered.

    Illuminated manuscripts can bring a hefty price

    Covetous greed. Knife-work with speed. Ability to slice.

  8. 3 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Knife work in close for quiet kills. Excellent use of the two-panel form. Both Lee and Lizz have have made the scene and been seen in this tale. Bravo.

  9. 4 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Indeed, last seen 11 months ago is not at all the same as killed 11 months ago. Was he off conducting research on medieval manuscripts? Does his work entail the collecting of such manuscripts? Such an item could bring a pretty penny. Is Volume IV all that was stolen? Always good to see Lee Ebony on the case. Classic “lawyer’s lamp” on the desk is a nice touch.

  10. 5 days ago on Bozo

    1. Listen to the Lion – Van Morrison

    2. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – Elton John

    3. Fish – The D*mned