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  1. 6 days ago on The Buckets

    Never been good at mini-golf. I did have a date take me to play while in college – the last guy I dated other than (before) my husband – it did not go well – the playing or the date.

    On the other hand – while still dating my husband (we dated for something like 4 years before we got engaged, were same for 2 years before getting married) we went to one of the big name hotels in the Catskills for a week. He brought his golf clubs – understand he has never otherwise gone to play golf since I know him (from the early 1970s) but it was included with our stay. We played the 9 hole course – somehow we missed one of the holes along the way. Not the most exciting game of golf ever played I am sure.

  2. 6 days ago on JumpStart

    I actually have a cheat sheet of who everyone is in a Notepad file from when I first started reading the comic in our local paper (which only has, as mentioned before, M-Sa, so I come here to read Sunday).

  3. 6 days ago on Pluggers

    Husband has always used an electric razor – same brand. He had to buy a new one last December (he always buys them in December and gets them a Christmas gift*) and it was not easy this year finding a model which did what he wanted it to do and didn’t do other things (like wet shave).

    *I used to go out and buy what he said to get him for Christmas – but even then, I would not try to buy him a electric razor. Since he quit his job about 20 years ago we are together all the time (except before Covid I went out one day a month to my embroidery meeting – because I would not let him come there with me – told him to join a different chapter if he wanted to go, yes, among many other crafts – woodwork, woodturning, leatherwork, etc he also does embroidery and sewing, plus 1 day a month I went to NYC to my last business client, and 2 days a year when I go to the synagogue in memory of my late father). So he buys his own gifts.

    I don’t get gifts – Christmas, Chanukah, birthday, anniversary – took me most of the past 40 plus years to stop him from buying me things as I don’t want anything and if I actually need something he will have talk me into spending money to buy it – I was perfectly happy darning socks during the pandemic – but when we went out to buy him something and we actually saw the kind of socks I like – he talked me into buying more.

  4. 6 days ago on Pluggers

    Some actors – and for some reason I think true of Burt – were stuntmen before becoming actors.

  5. 6 days ago on Pluggers

    Zykoic – Do you have trouble seeing them to cut also? I have distance glasses, reading glasses, multifocal glasses, glasses of various vintages… But nails have to be cut with no glasses on. And toenails have to be soaked first and then foot raised to eyes (not easy with plugger tummy in the way) and rotated into angles that feet cannot go to be able to cut them.

    Used to take MIL to a podiatrist who cut her toenails – she would come home with toes bleeding – so no way I am doing that. Husband has offered to cut them, but don’t trust him to be able to do so without hurting me either.

  6. 6 days ago on Pluggers

    I still get the newspaper every day. However, since the start of Covid I have not been comfortable with having something someone else (who might be ill) touched the same day sitting on my kitchen table to read so I have been reading online – though I hate reading anything of length on a computer, too much concentration needed to follow it.

    (At start of Covid mail would be taken from the box with plastic sandwich bag on hand – fit better than plastic gloves on me, easier to find then and much cheaper – and placed in large ziplock bag in porch for a week before being read and did not want to let newspaper to sit like that as would be even staler news by then. Now only leaving the mail in a bag for one day before opening – and, yes, still either wipe down items coming into the house with alcohol or it sits at least a day before using/storing So I started doing something I hate – reading the paper online – comes with subscription. I continue to do same while paying for paper delivery as it is cheaper than the online version for me as I kept complaining over the decades about newspaper increases and since with them so long – and they have fewer and fewer subscribers – they keep turning the price back. Papers keep coming when not stopped and stay in side porch – just took most of them plus other recyclables out which I do about once a month, and kept a few papers so we have for putting down when painting or something else messy, but read paper online) Also I put it on vacation hold a couple of times of year – still get online version to read.)

  7. 6 days ago on Pluggers

    My baby teeth started to fall out when I was 4 or 5. I know it fell out in my kindergarten class while half of us (including me) were sitting in chairs and the other half were dancing around us. I looked into my lap (in those days girls wore dresses or skirts and blouses) and in my lap was a tooth. I thought it was from one children dancing and was going to give it to the teacher when the music stopped, went to wiggle my tooth and realized it WAS my tooth!

    I started kindergarten at 4 years old due to when my birthday falls and we moved shortly after the start of the next year, so chances are I was 4, but I may have recently turned 5 when it came out.

    Now almost all of them come out at night.

  8. 6 days ago on Pluggers

    Husband has a problem with his jeans (any pants) always sliding down and he gets very annoyed and frustrated. I can solve this problem in one of two ways – or both together.

    First, I don’t carry a purse and fit everything I need in the two front pockets of my jeans – but he has his cell phone and a small bottle of hand sanitizer hanging from his belt and it weighs too much, along with wallet, pocket knife, keys, tissues, small pen, heavy pill box with 2 days pills, and anything else he might need in his pockets. I carry my wallet (a men’s wallet duplicate of his), my cell phone (no case, in pocket), Space pen, tiny bottle of hand sanitize, tiny spray bottle of alcohol, & tiny, light pill box – holds 2 pills, keys are in my pocket in warm weather or jacket pocket in cold weather – and I have my back pockets empty to hold folded up plastic shopping bags when we go shopping (state no longer allows same to be distributed by stores and stores can charge for paper bags unless local government has a fee for same). I don’t have a belt – my jeans are elastic waist (okay, I understand he needs to have a fly on his and can’t wear same).

    Second, a good deal of the problem – he has a hernia. So his jeans sit under a BIG bump in his lower stomach area. The jeans are sitting on a downhill angle and they slide down it.

    If he took the stuff out of his pockets when home it would be much easier on him – and does he really need the house and the keys to all 3 of our vehicles, etc while IN the house? He says “what if we need to run out of the house” both doors can be opened from inside – kitchen door needs a key, but while in house one is left in same.

    Dread the day his hernia strangulates & we have to run to the hospital to deal with it & he will take all of this with him (he does not empty pockets while in the house), but at least surgery will probably solve the problem of his jeans sliding down.

  9. 7 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Husband wears baseball type caps and only wears a hat when doing a reenactment when he wears a tricorner hat – he has a black one and a grey-beige one.

  10. 7 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    We have spent two days cutting down grape vines (think long twisting tree branches) as they no longer bear grapes and they go through the sort of gazebo (more of three benches around connected in a square) he built when we first moved in.

    While there lying on one of the benches is the statute of a girl with a jug of (water or wine) who broke off her foot on the base when he took it home from his grandparents house when his grandmother moved out – not as many decades ago.

    He has suddenly decided we need to figure out how to put it back together (maybe 25 years since we go it) – he thinks one of our friends has torch which will put it back together – I take the piece of wood shoved into the leg of the statute to mean that it will not be that easy.