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  1. 2 days ago on Drabble

    Yakety Sax – Up here in the NYC suburbs we go to that same store chain for entertainment. But our stores here are much smaller as we have gone to same for evening entertainment when traveling.

    Stores from that company mostly vary from small to not so small. First one which opened here snuck in as a small Caldor had closed and they took it over – on a rather small main road. Then a Consumers Discount store closed – it was in a tiny mall with one or two small stores – and that was taken over by that same store chain – with an unrelated supermarket (a chain related to Giant) sharing the building with it. We finally got a “superstore” just over into the next county. Having gone to superstores up and down the east coast on trips I was underwhelmed with it – same with one which opened north of us.

    At the far east end of Long Island yet another of that store chain opened (not all of them here have been listed in this post) and it BIGGER THAN THE SUPERSTORE!? This started me thinking – I have a feeling that all that “superstore” means for that chain is that there is a full supermarket not just the small food section.

    We also have a store to our northeast of theirs which is only a supermarket – food and other items related to same which goes by another name. (green carts instead of blue)

    And then another non-superstore opened to the north of us.

    Not counting the 2 stores in the next county (and other stores there also) there are 4 stores from that company within around 4 miles of our house in different directions.

  2. 2 days ago on Pluggers

    Husband is upset that if something heavy I have to carry it as he cannot.

    Our reenactment unit had its annual dinner and meeting last weekend. The unit “commander” had asked the board to bring spare (modern as opposed to our period camp seat type seats) folding chairs for the event. After an hour of looking (basement? garage? shed?) we found the folding chairs we use when doing craft shows and he went to hand the metal one to me. He could not lift it. I came over and picked it up with one hand, then turned to my other side and took the plastic one. I had to give him the plastic one to carry as he was upset that I was carrying both at once and he could not lift the metal chair on his own. The chair is not anything big and bulky – just a standard metal folding chair.

    I have figured out that in keeping his blood glucose on the lower side due to dealing with Diabetes his strength is sapped and explain this to him, but he is still upset.

  3. 2 days ago on Pluggers

    We each had a problem recently which made us question how well we hear. Where we hearing voices?

    Quick related situation first – when we first bought our house I was alone in the house and was in the basement – switching laundry loads. I heard a man and a woman talking. This is about 35 years ago so hearing was not in question then. I started to get really scared – had someone related to the former owner come into the house? Burglars? Then I realized I was hearing “Lucy and Ricky Ricardo” talking. I figured out that since the house has hot air heat vents – I was listening to the TV – 2 floors up – in our bedroom as it was next to the same vent. (Good thing to have – if I go to that vent in the bedroom I can hear if the washer and-or dryer is still running in the basement and save a trip down 2 floors if they are not and husband and I can yell to one another through the vents.

    A few weeks ago we going to sleep – he had fallen asleep – and I heard people talking. Was it someone in the house that I was hearing through the vents? It seemed to come from where the vent is located in the bedroom. Did we leave the kitchen TV on? I got up to go and see what was going on downstairs. As I approached where the vent was it stopped. Back to bed – I heard it again. Near the vent stopped again. Went to sleep and did not hear it.

    A couple of weeks later husband had the same problem. We both believe in spirits – but why now after all these years? He went over to the vent to listen and realized that the humidifier in front of it was on rather higher than normal. He turned it down – voices disappeared. We figured out that for some reason when the humidifier is on some specific setting it makes a noise which sounds like someone talking – never did before. At least that what it seems and we are not going to explore any further what it could be.

  4. 2 days ago on Pluggers

    Husband has his hair longish into a “queue” (pony tail at bottom of the back of his head which points down – not sticking out) for reenacting. I have mostly had long hair over my life. I tend to put my hair up in a plastic clip or a metal barrette (latter, again, for reenacting as hides under my cap easier than the plastic clip).

    I have come to realize that long hair is easier to deal with than short hair. When either of us need a trim of the length of our hair I do it. For him he puts it in a rubber band for the queue and I clip it at the length he wants and then use a hair trimmer to clean off hair on his neck and such. For me I put my hair in a rubber band into a pony tail. I then flip the pony tail forward over my head and clip it to what I guess the length should be. Since I don’t wear my hair down if I have not cut it straight across or it is too short-long it does not matter as it is not noticeable when it is up in the clip or the barrette.

  5. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    I have a memo app in my cell phone. (In the “old days” I had a notepad note in my Palm Centro.) I have various memos for various purposes – what we need to buy when food shopping, specifications for items we might buy – button sizes for husband’s breeches for reenacting, etc. One of the memos is food shopping (another is general shopping).

    When we are running low on something I add to the memo so when we make our just about daily visit to one Walmart or another I know what we need to buy in food or otherwise.

    I also have a memo which has a list for each of us of our meds. Around 6 years ago husband was not feeling well – thought he might be having heart problems and we ran to the emergency room. Since the meds list in my phone I was able to list his meds with no problem or question. Husband has since copied the list for each of us into his phone also – just in case.

  6. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    I am 70 and husband is 74 – we have 2 doctors – our GP and our ophthalmologist.

  7. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    I rarely have this problem – husband has it often. I guess when one buys as few things as possible opening things is not a problem. ( I don’t get birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Chanukah gifts by my choice. I have enough stuff. )

  8. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    I rarely use the microwave. I prefer to actually cook the food.

    Am I an old person who cooks over a fire? Well… not at home. But for a number of years I cooked for our reenactment unit – demonstration for the public and mid day dinner for us. The older women (I was not one then) who used to cook were not coming to events any longer and as the only woman on the board I was asked “can you do a cooking demo”. I replied honestly – “I know the theory, but have never done so. I can cook, but can’t guarantee it will be edible.” I cooked for the unit for about 10 years – maybe more until a fellow joined who wanted to cook. I now get to sit on my rear end and demonstrate embroidery again.

  9. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    Hench why I do the laundry starting on Wednesday night – followed by Thursday and sometimes Friday nights while I am doing other things in the kitchen and can hear what is going on the basement if I open the door to same.

  10. 3 days ago on Pluggers

    Can’t boil a watch in a pot.