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  1. over 12 years ago on Bob Gorrell

    Spoken like a true anti-Semite Aryan son. Do you think the great leaders of Iran are lying? You trust them when they say their aims are peaceful generation of energy. But you don’t believe them when they say Israel must be wiped off the face the of the map and then America is next?How could anything that Israel does in the face of that kind of threat when the self professed enemy is building the means to make it reality be “out of proportion”?

  2. over 12 years ago on Jeff Stahler

    Optimistic? An optimistic director would have shot a commercial about “The Geat Detroit Comeback” in Detroit not New Orleans. This is the message I heard from the 2-million dollar gift from Chrysler to President Obama (peace be upon Him): “we’ve had the crap beat out of us, we still getting the crap beat out of us… but hey! it’s only halftime… we can get the crap beat out of us for another 2 quarters before it’s game over. So go out there and win one for the gypper!”

  3. over 12 years ago on Jerry Holbert

    Now if you said that the body guy smashed the other side and ran the engine without oil so that it seized up before starting to fix it you might have an apt analogy….

  4. over 12 years ago on Jerry Holbert

    @Erys and @splevin2002:President Obama (peace be upon Him) said:1) The unemployment numbers are lower than when he took office2) He had no influence over the government investment in Solyndra3) The GOP wants dirtier air, dirtier water, dead old people, blah, blah, blah4) Every GOP Senator voted against the Democrat proposed tax cut legislation (20 did vote for it to proceed to the floor and Sen. Reid held it up – not Republicans)5) The border fence between US and Mexico is almost complete (it’s 5% complete)6) The US is producing more oil than ever (peak was 1985 at almost 9,000-million barrels per day… it’s almost half that at 5,500-million per day now)7) – 12) Get off of HuffPo and look them up yourself!

  5. over 12 years ago on Lisa Benson

    Reaganomics? That’s your bogeyman?? Then how do you explain 30 years of unbridled economic success (including the years Clinton was lucky enough to be president)? .Blame can placed squarely on Congress when they decided to play God in the capitalist system..President Obama (peace be upon Him) has made things worse mostly because his own Democratic Congress doesn’t respect Him and He is not a leader.

  6. over 12 years ago on Jerry Holbert

    Yes… And Holbert didn’t even touch President Obama’s (peace be upon him) other dozen lies from just last week alone!

  7. over 12 years ago on Lisa Benson

    China refuses to loan money to Europe. Because they know Preisdent Obama (peace be upon him) and his boy Timmy will do it with money borrowed from them which increases their control over their last obstacle to world hegemony.

  8. over 12 years ago on [Deleted]

    I reject your lame attempt to paint me into a corner with a multiple choice answer. Another possible answer is that you’re closed mind is incapable of reading with comprehension.Let me use short sentences for you:.If you don’t work, you don’t eat. .Voila! Now all of the jobs Americans won’t do are suddenly desireable and people are not relying on others to support their sloth.

  9. over 12 years ago on [Deleted]

    That’s what I said.

  10. over 12 years ago on Lisa Benson

    It’s called refining Einstein.