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  1. 7 months ago on Luann

    Fourth Wall

  2. over 6 years ago on Luann

    HI everyone. I just started reading Luann again after being offline for a while. My laptop died andhad to waituntil Isaved enough to get a newone. . I went back as far as Toni and Brad’s wedding. I am also wondering what Leslie’s uncle is talking about about spending his money instead of paying something off instead of spending his money on other things. Can someone fill me on what has been happening since about November 2012? (Yes it took me all this time to save up for a new laptop). Thanks much

  3. over 9 years ago on Luann

    HI DavidHuieGreen:I fully agree with you. Maybe his punishment is to think there is cameras around school. I also agree the other students are aiming their cameras at him too. Technology is so advanced that a miniature camera could be built into someone’s glasses.

  4. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    Only because he wasn’t there. In this case If asked Knute will say Leslie punched him.

  5. over 9 years ago on Luann

    I hoe so. I like Ox.

  6. over 9 years ago on Luann

    Amen Dave.

  7. over 9 years ago on Luann

    Leslie just admitted it in the first panel.

  8. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    When I was in high school if a test was scheduled during a suspension it was an automatic great big ZERO

  9. over 9 years ago on [Deleted]

    Actually from the muppet show it was Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker.

  10. over 9 years ago on Luann

    Hi Iam:Don’t forget these strips were drawn weeks in advance.