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  1. 11 days ago on Luann

    She’s a business major too, tight? And by bring cute, she gets a “yes” out of everyone

  2. 16 days ago on Luann

    Too bad he didn’t run with it. Alas, he who hesitates (with a profitable discovery,) is lost.

  3. 16 days ago on Luann

    Ah, so now who’s using whom?!?!

  4. 17 days ago on Luann

    Yesterday Tiff showed she’s grown socially aware enough to have a college students sense of humor. Today she showing insight.

    Bets, on the other hand, is blurring the line between bring an ethical marketer and a manipulator. She’ll do well in business, providing she stays ethical.

  5. 19 days ago on For Better or For Worse

    I read a devotional on this exact thing yesterday: he’s a Satisfier— someone who just wants whatever is good enough. Ellie, on the other hand, is a Maximizer— she doesn’t want anything except the very best option. (Lesson was that Satsfiers are happier and waste less time on trivial things.)

  6. about 1 month ago on Luann

    Won’t work, Luann. To out are good at talking about emotions and relationships. Betn isn’t and can’t. Therefore, she should just keep it as simple and short as possible. “We need a break, let’s check in in a month if we want. Bye”

  7. about 1 month ago on Luann

    Good fo Ed you! Yes, you dodged a bullet. A friend in a church youth hung out with me quote a bit. Later he admitted he was racist and said, “what’s the big deal? It’s just politics”. So I talked to him about evil.

  8. about 1 month ago on Luann

    My last box of corn flakes had a cornflakes colored fruit? pit in it.

  9. about 1 month ago on Luann

    Now that was sweet of them. But what if Kippy is the one set to leave?

  10. about 2 months ago on Luann

    Easy to be hard. Easy to be cold.