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  1. over 4 years ago on Adam@Home

    The saliva does come back somewhat, at least mine did. I had to have all the roots of my teeth taken out so i also eat most things mashed or small bites. Lots of chicken as it is a soft meat and the roof of your mouth and tongue can break it up, steak and beef, not so much.

  2. over 5 years ago on B.C.

    Crickets are fun to hunt down. You have to follow their chirp. Good times, especially if they are in the basement, then once you locate them you have to get them outside again

  3. over 5 years ago on Peanuts

    The answer my friend is blowin in the wind

  4. over 5 years ago on Adam@Home

    I was in a porno movie theater in Berlin that seemed cleaner then that

  5. almost 6 years ago on Peanuts

    He did put his hat on.

  6. about 6 years ago on [Deleted]

    Low 40’s celcius is damn hot. That is over 100f. How does the water stay so cold?

  7. about 6 years ago on B.C.

    Ant’s have flat screens?

  8. over 6 years ago on The Born Loser

    To be fair Brutus did have to bend over to pick the flower and the kid did make cereal. Did he invent it?

  9. over 6 years ago on Animal Crackers

    And hide the peanuts

  10. over 6 years ago on Get Fuzzy

    I think a buttie is a bacon sandwich