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Born and raised on a farm in Florida, USA. Work history is varied: Ran printing presses, drove tractor trailers, worked in phosphate plants as a safety coordinator -finally settled on a career in emergency medicine (Paramedic Firefighter, lastly making a living as a Registered Nurse in a major trauma hospital. Married with doggies -hobbies include woodworking and brewing beer.

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  1. about 2 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    Well, I’d have to say I’m a true Nationalist. Being as a true definition of a Nationalist is someone who places their nation first -and I have always placed my nation above others. I have no particular ill will toward any other, but if a choice had to be made, I put the US of A first. Always have, and expect to always do so.

  2. about 2 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    so, a left-wing bigoted racist is better? How about just not being a racist at all? I mean, that is where I stand. I view people on their merits, not their skin, not their race, and certainly not their sex. I am not religious, so their religion never became a factor for me (though I was raised to be protestant -Lutheran, to be exact, I never ‘felt’ it, and my parents weren’t very devout and always let us believe as we wished). Your very statement blows a lot of animosity focused on the ‘right wing’, do you not see any of the same traits on your ‘left wing’? That is telling.

  3. about 7 hours ago on B.C.

    Over the years, I’ve suffered that fate a few times as well. One time the gas station was far enough away (I lived out in the country, and I was REALLY out in the country) I left the bike on the side of the road and walked several miles back to where I’d seen a convenience store/gas station and had to buy a small gas can, fill it, and trudge to the bike with the can, fill the tank with the gallon and a half (give or take) that the can held, and ride to the station and fill it up before proceeding. I left the can on the side of the road. That old horse didn’t have saddlebags, was an old bare-bones. I was pretty disgusted with myself for forgetting to reset the lever.

  4. about 7 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    I reiterate that tolerance works both ways -if you want me to be tolerant of your views and actions, you had better show the same respect toward mine -otherwise you will get the same negative feedback and we will NEVER get along. But when it comes to spending money for entertainment or any other service, people expect the service they are paying for. I am an RN, and my patients do not care to hear about my views on politics and world events -nor do I share this with them (even if it is obvious they might agree). I do my job. My hospital did not hire me to promote views. People who work for a living tend to value their entertainment dollars and this is why they tend to get a bit put-out when their entertainers go on rants. I don’t care if the singer has my views or not, or if a sports figure or actor in a play does or not -those tickets are not cheap and the show takes a significant chunk of time (getting the tickets, planning the night out with my wife, getting someone to cover for me etc) and I am expecting to be ENTERTAINED, not preached to.

    IF you really are a retired doc, you should be old enough and experienced enough to understand this. Or is your moniker just some name you plucked?

  5. about 23 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    I don’t find years of prosperity and a desire to defend and protect a nation as a bad thing -wish you could realize the destruction being wrought now. But you don’t have to try being obtuse -it seems to come naturally. When the worst thing you really have to complain about is mean tweets, well, pardon me if I don’t feel too broke up about it.

  6. about 23 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    Tolerance works both ways.

  7. about 23 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    Star Trek TNG had a Female black captain in one episode (“Conspiracy” She captained the USS Renegade.)

  8. 1 day ago on Steve Kelley

    whatever. I’m certainly not going back over a year ago to figure out whatever it is you’re going on about. But by your comment, if you aren’t interested in having an actual discussion, please don’t. Keep your kids games and schoolyard crap to yourself. I outgrew that half a century ago.

  9. 1 day ago on Steve Kelley

    Yeah, because a dementia patient and a hooker are really doing right by America.

  10. 1 day ago on Steve Kelley

    seems to be that the left is quite fine with Sharia law, when we look at such notable Squad enclaves like Minnesota and Michigan. Doubt they would be so fine if it ever gets enacted, though.