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Old commie painter and decorator. Union agitator and one time official of the now defunct Operative Painter's and Decorator's Union of Australia. Now retired and as grumpy (if not worse), than ever I was.

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    And Henry, thankfully we still have a population that, in the main, listens to the science, and is community minded a enough to take the advice of its leaders. What has been a cock up is the rollout of vaccines in this country, which is a contributing factor in the current status. Another contributing factor (in my mind), is the unwillingness of the Conservative (who would have guessed it?), New South Wales government to properly establish rapid containment of the virus at the outset of this latest debacle. One conservative government failure has led to 15 million people being locked down. Failure by a Conservative (who would have guessed it?), Federal government to properly roll out the vaccines required has led to other states being locked down again. The conservative NSW government also (due to the inadequate rollout), ‘borrowed’ vaccines from the regions, thus putting those areas at greater risk of infection now the virus has spread. Nothing fascist about it Henry, just the inadequacies of conservative governments. You know, like your GOP, all talk, no bloody substance. Compare our death rate with yours you moron!

  5. almost 3 years ago on Jack Ohman

    Indigenous people have been practicing controlled, deliberate burns in North America, and around the world, for millennia. For the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Tribes of Northern California, human-managed fires across their traditional lands are vital. They promote the growth of traditional food sources, like acorns, and basket-weaving materials, like hazel. The fires even support the life cycles of salmon.

    Between lightning strikes and Indigenous burns, most landscapes in North America were shaped by fire, and many landscapes need it. But for most of the 20th century, U.S. federal fire policy was guided by a strategy of fire suppression, designed to protect watersheds, communities and commercial timber supplies.

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    It must be Friday in Down Under land. M2Bulls day!! A high point in my week. What I don’t hear people telling us is that the current variant will be busy mutating after infecting vaccinated people. Thanks all you fools who refuse to help in combating a disease that has now killed 4.26 million worldwide.

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    “In his day job……cryptocurrency”? Then what is the hat for?

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    Let us not let the facts get in the way of Bok’s “artistic license”. Not now, after all this time, anyway.

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    True, that. However, as @MaryBethJavorek1 says above, he still be ugly.

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    It’s bloody sad, is what it is.