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  1. over 11 years ago on Ordinary Bill

    WW, can you have Bill get jury duty in upcoming strips?

  2. over 11 years ago on Matt Davies

    I support Romney but I don’t blame Obama for the attacks, its not like he’s micromanaging every bit of the budget or like he personally refused expansions to security. I do however blame him for the poor response.

  3. almost 12 years ago on Glenn McCoy

    What did you mean by Libya is one of ours?

  4. almost 12 years ago on Glenn McCoy

    Just thought some people may need a reminder, US embassies ARE AMERICAN TERRITORY!!! Attacks on them whether by a national military or by militant groups are acts of war, not acting aggressively in return will and did encourage more attacks. It isn’t a “revenge” or “crazy war mongering”, war starts when they attack, by not doing anything, Obama is at fault for the attacks on other embassies. A competent president would have requested that congress review options, considering war, instead, he did nothing. Increased security can only do so much, the best defense is a strong offense. The animal that is least molested is not the turtle for its shell and scales but the porcupine for its sharpened needles.

  5. almost 12 years ago on Glenn McCoy

    What I don’t get was why none of the people there shot him. He may have been wearing armor but that doesn’t protect his head. Seriously, it takes much longer to go on a shooting spree than it does to stop one.Oh…wait…no one else was armed.Gun control at its finest!

  6. about 12 years ago on Glenn McCoy

    VOTE OBAMA! THE MAN WHO GIVES RICH PEOPLE AT GM MONEYWHY CREATE JOBS WHEN YOU CAN CREATE CAMPAIGN DONATIONS?SMALL BUSINESSES ADD PEOPLE TO THE 1%. DON’T LET THE MONEY NATURALLY SPREAD WITH LAISSEZ FAIRE. TAKE FROM THE MIDDLE CLASS TO GET MONEY FOR THE NONWORKING AND THE WEALTHY.SOCIALISM WORKS! (they promised free healthcare in Germany, in Vietnam, in North Korea, it’ll probably work here too)FETUSES AREN’T HUMANS (they just happen to be conscious thinking individuals with thought processes almost equal to a young baby)NOT PAYING FOR CONTRACEPTIVES IS A WAR ON WOMEN! (who needs freedom of religion? there’s a bunch of people who’ll vote for someone who forces Catholics to pay for peoples’ contraceptives. After all, recreational sex is a necessary expense)

  7. about 12 years ago on Stuart Carlson

    He’s already failed, he’s going…going…going…gone!

  8. about 12 years ago on Tony Auth

    Some idiots think the North African and Middle Eastern revolutions were a good thing.I prefer the benevolent-to-an-extent dictator who supports religious freedom and is for the most part, kind to the US and has given up on attacking Israel over the Religious Extremists and very anti-USA hopeful dictators in Egypt, I like the too-scared-of-the-USA-to-fund-terrorists Dictator in Libya more than the terrorist supporting and more oppressive new dictators. Syria though, is tough. I don’t know which side was better.

  9. about 12 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    better than a kidney

  10. about 12 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    that’s way more true today