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  1. over 3 years ago on Looks Good on Paper

    You’ll have the choice of a true socialist (Bernie) and Trump. I take MAGA.

  2. over 3 years ago on Looks Good on Paper

    When will the right get off the emotions of the fact that their murderess Hillary lost and get on with fixing this country? The Democrats in office have spent 3 years hating and NOT doing the job they were elected to do. Before you make such remarks, think about what you are lambasting has any place in reality. How many true imbeciles from the left have taken office and then donated the pay they get to worthy causes. How many from the left have gotten rich, not by being a business person, but by getting rich off the backs of people like you and taking money from special causes. How many from the left are outright scam artists? Pelosi and others pay family hundreds of thousands – to mail letters. Not write letters, not even stuff them or stamp them, but just to take the boxes (asking for more money) to the Post Office.

  3. over 3 years ago on Looks Good on Paper

    He makes business decisions. Have you been to a Trump Resort? People like you complain because we haven’t failed – look at where we are now compared to the Obama years? Trump gives his POTUS pay to charity and other causes – meanwhile Obama, who never held a job, is a multimillionaire with three mansions. Guess whose money he is using?? To quote him “he didn’t build that” – but Trump DOES build, and add jobs, and protects us from the greed of other nations, protects our borders and ALWAYS thinks AMERICA FIRST.

  4. almost 4 years ago on Doonesbury

    Just wait until the “boys in Blue” show up looking for “Mr. Doonesbury” to “ask a few questions” about the shipment. Well, Colorado even has it’s limits.

  5. over 4 years ago on Reality Check

    Before syrup, they were called Scottish Scones and were served with jams or lemon curd (heavenly) at afternoon tea!

  6. over 4 years ago on Matt Davies

    To the idiot with the comment about filling an airliner with NRA members with AR-15s. Your scenario happens every day – C-130s, C-17s many other military aircraft take off (in the US and overseas) with up to a hundred heavily armed troops, and NOT with a common LBR (little black rifle) that is a semi-automatic, no they have M-16 and M-4s, all sub-machine guns, SAWs and M-2 machine guns and M-9 sidearms. Nobody has done anything like you suggest.As for the Constitution the 2nd amendment sates that we, as a new nation, must have a military to act on the world stage, and that military is off-set with the fact that civilians can stop a military attempt to overthrow the government. The 2nd is as meaningful today as the day it was written – forget the idiots like Michael Moore that claim its about muskets and black powder. (btw – do you know that black-powder guns, cannons, revolvers are NOT considered firearms??) Get a grip folks, its the nut cases that we can not commit to mental health facilities that are the REAL problem. Quit hating a simple tool that has not shot a single person with out the intervention of an crazy person.

  7. over 4 years ago on Matt Davies

    How about this? we actually enforce the laws that are already on the books? Many of the people shout how we should do this or that, when it is already a law. The guns are not the problem, it’s the nuts behind the trigger. Hammers cause more murders than guns, but do you see a ban on hammers? How about cars and trucks? They too are murderous “mass casualties” machines. It boils down th=o the mind of the preson about to commit violence against other people. Nobody brings up that in the mid-1980s we voted to NOT commit someone to a mental facility without their consent, and we opened the doors and let all sorts of crazies out to prey on us . . . in the name of not hurting their feelings – - what the hey people

  8. about 5 years ago on Breaking Cat News

    Those people are guilty of animal cruelty. It includes those that move, and leave a dog in the garage with no food or water. I live in the county and people are always dumping pets out her – “oh, they will find a home here” We’ve adopted so many cats (any that find their way here) and find most are NOT ferrel but lost and afraid. We find they already know about catboxes and cat doors – several have sat in front of the closed cat door – waiting to be let in. Our latest “ferrel” let us clip his nails (with out a fight!) and is beeter about the box than our others (always pees IN the box, not out of it while standing in it!)

  9. over 5 years ago on Breaking Cat News

    Playing is fine, but don’t let them eat them! They can stop up a d-track faster than a cork. Buy from places that use vegetable based biodegradable (including INSIDE a kitty) peanuts!! Terry sends.

  10. over 5 years ago on Breaking Cat News

    I have 11 cats (our barn cat decided to retire and come inside). We buy animal stuff from Drs. Foster & Smith – and they pack in biodegradable peanuts. They “melt” in the sink and go down the drain BUT should a kitty grab one, they are safe and even digestible. Play safe kids!