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  1. over 3 years ago on Stuart Carlson

    that’s funny I not being rude and crude but wish someone would do that to Trump in real life

  2. over 5 years ago on Ziggy

    JP Steve you went for a week without heat???!!!…oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I don’t know if I would have made it

  3. over 7 years ago on Peanuts

    why isn’t this strip Christmassy??!!!!!….isn’t Christmas going to be here soon??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. about 8 years ago on Garfield

    oh and VH1

  5. about 8 years ago on Garfield

    and MTV CMT and GAC

  6. about 8 years ago on Herman

    what the dog supposed to be with horns on his head????!!!!!

  7. about 8 years ago on Herman

    groan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….what a pun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. about 8 years ago on Ziggy

    Saints’ fans aren’t like that anymore the team is a winner though some years they haven’t reached the NFC championship game

  9. about 8 years ago on Herman

    this reminds me of the Lisa Loeb video where she sang her big hit Stay ( I missed you) on a trolley in San Diego everyone gave her a standing O it was not a music video someone shot a video of her singing the song on the trolley

  10. about 8 years ago on B.C.

    groan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….what a pun!!!!!!!!!!