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For now, just the German keyboard. An old typewriter keyboard. Tschüß!

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  1. about 6 hours ago on Prickly City

    But he got one thing right: Being „colorblind“ really is to be racist, because it means ignoring all the evil our predecessors did to others and the fact that we still benefit from the oppression that others suffered.

  2. 3 days ago on Endtown

    One: What exactly does Marx store in those jugs?

    Two: Anyone remember the toothbrushes?

  3. 14 days ago on Dick Tracy

    From yesterday:

    One, it looks official, Memory is a super-villain with (implanted) super-powers. If only we had a bat in our belfry (apologies to Jack Nicholson).

    Two, one can argue about whether last week’s description of Memory was a fat joke, but you guys have more than made up for it if it wasn’t.

  4. 14 days ago on Dick Tracy

    A Trabant!

  5. 15 days ago on Endtown

    Some of the best things in life are by accident.

  6. 15 days ago on Endtown

    Don’t know about out-and-out banned, but it sure doesn’t get the airplay it once used to. And don’t forget the restaurant of the same name that has since closed its doors.

    Not that I miss either, for that matter.

  7. 15 days ago on Sherman's Lagoon

    Is this the grumpy gramps in Pickles?

  8. 15 days ago on Endtown

    That was a Calvin and Hobbes line, right?

  9. 15 days ago on Endtown

    One: Particularly today, Marx looks like he‘s wearing clown make-up. Panel one, that‘s some serious lip gloss!

    Two: Coyoty tells Wendy that Marx is honing these characters the way he honed Wally. Seeing what happened to Wally, that does not look like a good thing.

    Three: This strip is seriously not the same now that Wally‘s gone.

    Hope Aaron makes something happen, and soon. We already lost our favorite hero. Hope we don’t lose the story, too!

  10. 17 days ago on Dick Tracy

    The hardest one to answer, and I probably won’t.

    I don’t know the particulars of Victor’s death. I do know that he did a lot of self-deprecating humor about his weight (and I wish he hadn’t).

    In some circles, there is dispute over the death of Cass Elliot – some said she choked to death on a sandwich, then others said she died of a massive heart attack that just happened to happen while eating a sandwich. Overlooked was the possibility that, as a repetitive yo-yo dieter, she may have lost a lot of heart muscle due to all the weight she had lost, over and over and over again.

    I’ll just say that, with the incredible prejudice and discrimination fat people face from friends, relatives, at work, and especially in health care settings, my favorite saying has been:

    Fat people don’t die of heart attacks, they die of broken hearts.