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  1. about 1 hour ago on Aunty Acid

    Enjoying caramel or spending time with goats helps as well.

  2. 4 days ago on Off the Mark

    I don’t think you’re using that right!

  3. 4 days ago on Wizard of Id

    Maybe the Jaws theme music just started…

  4. 6 days ago on Bound and Gagged

    Closest I got was when I was brought up to the jury box and we were being questioned. The case had to deal with a guy charged with peeking in neighbor’s windows and video taping them having sex. We were told we would have to watch the videos if we were to serve. I told them no. Only down side was they didn’t get to me until the second day.

  5. 8 days ago on Reality Check

    Goats rule! (sorry, my bias might be showing)

  6. 9 days ago on For Better or For Worse

    I can assure you Elly, he has already thought about it!

  7. 10 days ago on The Argyle Sweater

    Thinking the phrase TV dinners was phased out later than the 60’s. I remember them being call that when I was a kid and I was born in 1968.

  8. 10 days ago on Aunty Acid

    I have a cup and a sign that states: I work hard so my goats can have a better life!

  9. 10 days ago on Off the Mark

    Don’t feel bad – it took me a minute to get it. No shame in asking for clarification. :-)

  10. 10 days ago on For Better or For Worse

    Maybe I would not have been a good parent as I would have been temped to tell him to go to his room to ’lie down and die"