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I'm a professional musician/teacher in southwest MI. I'm an adjunct at Notre Dame, St. Mary's College, Andrews University and Indiana Univ. South Bend. I play in several local groups, and teach lots of private students. I was mom to Mippy, our miracle cat who sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge 1/25/21. But I'm now mom to Iggy and Punto, adopted 1/22/22. My husband is a retired musician, now unfortunately dealing with Alzheimer's.

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    The second shingles shot kicked my keister for a day, headache and fever. Better than shingles though!

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    Got my flu shot last Saturday, but they were out of Covid booster, so I have to go back. Wondering about RSV as well.

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    So treating people like crap makes you some kind of bigshot. And being treated badly doesn’t necessarily build “resilience”. Sometimes just resentment.

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    He’s got brains he hasn’t even used yet!

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    I don’t get why someone who’s hurt is funny.

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    But the chicks dig him.

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    spoiled for sure.

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    I recently discovered “Royal Flying Doctor Service”, which takes place in Australia. Very interesting, complicated characters.