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Middle aged dad of teens, living in the 'burbs. Excuse me a moment... "Hey! You Kids! Mow my lawn!"

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  1. 4 days ago on Banana Triangle

    Have WE ever seen anyone wearing plaid on this island?

  2. 7 days ago on Endtown

    They are having a picnic over the rainbow, in Oz.

  3. 29 days ago on Banana Triangle

    Thus ensues the wacky hijinks!

  4. about 1 month ago on Skin Horse

    I started reading Skin Horse daily about eight years ago and I still don’t know what’s going on. I only learned a day or two ago (from the comments) that many of the characters are from the Land of Oz.

  5. about 1 month ago on ViewsAmerica

    They ran out of comics that were about America.

  6. about 1 month ago on Banana Triangle

    Imagining he is plucking out the eyes of everyone on the island.

  7. about 2 months ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Pastis must be PUN-ished for this!

  8. 2 months ago on Doonesbury

    No. Thompson wrote for Rolling Stone and was a liberal. He was a serious user of psychedelic drugs. He hung out with and wrote a book about the Hells Angels (until one of them decided to beat the snot out of him.) He covered the protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention and wrote about getting tear gassed. He also famously interviewed Nixon at the height of the the Watergate scandal. Of all the White House press pool, Nixon selected Thompson to ride with him in the Presidential Limo as the end of Nixon’s presidency approached. There was one stipulation: they couldn’t talk about politics. Instead they spent a couple hours talking about college football – What teams were hot, what plays were pivotal that season, and the careers of past college stars. The ride provided Nixon with a brief escape of the stress from his presidency collapsing around him, and provided the public with a view of Nixon as a human being with impressive intelligence and interests power and politics.

  9. 2 months ago on Doonesbury

    I’d be surprised if Hunter Thompson (the basis for Duke) and Roger Stone didn’t cross paths during the Nixon administration.

  10. 2 months ago on Dilbert Classics

    Several years ago a horrible colleague quit. He called our boss a few weeks later and offered to come back, but at a 30% raise. My boss said that the bozo was surprised we didn’t accept his offer.