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  1. over 7 years ago on Jeff Stahler

    I still go to some brick and mortar stores, but they must pass a couple of tests first: (1) They must be local. I will support local small business. (2) They must not be in a mall. I will never ever ever go to a mall. I don’t care what shop is in that mall, whatever is in the shop, I don’t need badly enough to go to a mall.

    If I want something and I can’t find it locally, e.g., our local bookstore closed, I will as a last resort go to Amazon, or directly to the manufacturer. Otherwise if I don’t need it, I don’t buy.

  2. over 7 years ago on Mike Luckovich

    @ Petey

    It (Ol’ Hankie boy) can’t explain its rants. Its the cave troll TRUMPIE said might have hacked the DNC

  3. over 7 years ago on Tom Toles

    @emptc12 and @Old_Curmudgeon

    I would like to add my thanks as well. Given a lot of the vitriol I see almost everywhere, your poetry is a diversion I look forward to.

  4. over 7 years ago on Matt Davies

    God’s speed John Glenn. God’s speed. I particularly like the sign: “Welcome back”

  5. over 7 years ago on Mike Luckovich

    God’s speed John Glenn

  6. over 7 years ago on Matt Wuerker


    Good job! Thanks for your post!

  7. over 7 years ago on Jeff Danziger


    Nope old alley-oop is an idiot

  8. over 7 years ago on Clay Jones

    @omQ R

    Gwen Ifill was a mainstay on the Public Broadcasting System’s (PBS’s) News Hour, and was a trained print and broadcast journalist for north of 35 years. She was tough, she was fair, she was HONEST, and she was funny. Her insights and questions forced both the respondent and the audience to think. This is a sad day for everyone who values the truth.

  9. over 7 years ago on Lalo Alcaraz


    Great response to the loser troll! Nice job dude!

  10. over 7 years ago on Matt Wuerker


    Bravo. The coward troll has probably run back under its rock, but your answer to it is excellent. Thanks dude!