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  1. about 13 hours ago on Mike Lester

    First: It’s funny that you like your own comment. Makes me realize that you are nothing but a $hit stirring jerk.

    Second: Who’s talking about race? Isn’t your comment about Gallup polls? I looked up the poll that you’re referring to.

    Try to keep up AP

  2. 1 day ago on Mike Lester

    It has everything to do with people like AmericanPie and Mike Lester.

  3. 1 day ago on Mike Lester

    The data that you’re commenting on is about the satisfaction in treatment of “society” treating black people.

    This has nothing to do with the president or the government.

  4. 4 days ago on Luann

    I was able to get him to autograph an old Mad magazine. My husband loved it!

  5. 4 days ago on Steve Breen

    I’ve always been left of center and I typically vote Democrat. I also see the similar dynamics of historical fascists and dictators happening in front of our eyes – not to mention the “true believers” that are falling on their swords for a political candidate.

    I was simply pointing out that the gist of this comic was less political than people were spinning it. Breen’s a conservative, yes, but this strip is simply illustrating an event.

  6. 6 days ago on Steve Breen

    As do I Tabby. My own daughter is fraught with underlying conditions that make her very susceptible to severe symptoms and, even though she is vaxed and boosted, she contracted COVID. (All fine, thank you)

    It is a problem for your compromised friends because those that are unvaccinated are taking up all of the resources that your friends need. Hopefully, your people will outlast those unvaccinated a$$hats that are currently inhabiting the ICU’s.

    I stand by my dark acceptance of the SCOTUS decision.

  7. 6 days ago on Steve Breen

    Ok, lol, I’ll back down a bit. But here’s the deal, conservative republicans have a place in the conversation. If they are not allowed a place, the crazy a$$ “rebuligoons” get the spot.

    It’s time for centrists to acknowledge other centrists, regardless of party so the fringes don’t win.

    Breen is an old school conservative. This strip isn’t throwing shade.

  8. 7 days ago on Steve Breen

    So Breen draws an image of a rapid test shaped like the SCOTUS building and puts a “thumbs down” image in the results box and that’s what you take away from it? You don’t just equate it with yesterday’s opinion striking down the OSHA ETS vaccine mandate?

    I took this strip at face value. It’s a drawing of the verdict – nothing more and nothing less.

  9. 7 days ago on Steve Breen

    The unvaccinated are dying. They almost exclusively vote Republican.

    I’m not trying to sound gruesome or dark here, but I’m okay with the SCOTUS decision.

  10. 9 days ago on Steve Breen

    Excellent rendition of Dr. Reverend King. The dove/eagle in his eye is a nice detail.