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Texan. Long-time programmer. Developer of Firefox browser extensions on Mozilla under Wizardgoat username. Capricorn. Metaphysical guru and time track sleuth. Male Principal since the Beginning of Time.

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  1. over 6 years ago on Luann

    Somehow I sensed this coming. It’s an inversion.

    Three years ago, Irma started dating Al, and Gunther was greatly discomforted by it. He returned from Peru, partly over his concerns.

    But now, Irma is the one dragging her feet about changing the status quo. And Gunther is encouraging her to go ahead and do it.

    I’ve had a low attitude toward Gunther for a good while, but now it seems that there’s actually a glimmer of hope for him.

  2. over 6 years ago on Luann

    Irma vehemently encouraged Gunther to go to Peru, to get experience and find himself. Gunther decided on his own to return – partly because he was worried about Irma dating Al Gray.

    Irma dotes on Gunther, but is not so possessive that she’d object to him living in a guest house, so that all concerned could have more privacy.

    I think her non-committal expression is just that she’s taking in and evaluating Al’s idea. She is doing right to consider changes carefully and raise any needed concerns.

  3. over 6 years ago on Luann

    Al may currently have a condo or apartment, that he shares with Les. Neither he nor Irma would want a downgrade.

  4. over 6 years ago on Luann

    It seems clear that Irma is tentatively interested in Al’s proposal. But until they start telling others, especially the boys, it might still be under careful evaluation.

    They’re doing this right, unlike some impulsive young lovers. They’re carefully considering all the practical implications before it’s a final deal.

  5. over 6 years ago on Luann

    Well, as long as it’s a two-bedroom house, it might work.

    Certainly not a one-bedroom with bunk beds. (When Les is doing Tiff that would jostle Gunther.)

    I suppose that two baths would be too much to hope for.

  6. over 6 years ago on Luann

    Al’s proposal:

  7. over 6 years ago on Luann

    I don’t see Gunther’s current behavior as being “testosterone fueled”. It’s more like deep personal insecurity. He also seems to be obsessed with protecting Tiff and his mother from romantic relationships.

  8. over 6 years ago on Luann

    One of my cousins divorced her husband and ran off with another woman. The family was very upset because she was her cousin.

    Yeah. And what’s worse, the two women’s offspring could be physically degenerate due to the inbreeding!

  9. over 6 years ago on Luann

    Thanks for pointing out that “metaphysics” can mean “theoretical physics”. Actually, in philosophy, it is described as a study of ontology and cosmology.

    But in popular parlance these days, metaphysics often refers to mystical studies, especially when pursued by the broad public for general self-help and enlightenment.

  10. over 6 years ago on Luann

    They recently changed the marriage laws in West Virginia.

    From now on, when a couple divorce, they’ll still be brother and sister.