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  1. over 2 years ago on Dilbert Classics

    Too bad it never seems to work that way. How many corporations have been allowed to get away with a fine and no admission of guilt? Things won’t change until some of those executives get prison time for their criminal acts.

  2. over 2 years ago on Liberty Meadows

    From what I see of Dean in this strip today, it is an improvement.

  3. over 2 years ago on Wizard of Id

    Those cats look like offspring of Bloom County’s “Bill the Cat”.

  4. over 2 years ago on Scary Gary

    Just like his head.

  5. over 2 years ago on Doonesbury

    He would have been an easy challenge for cause.

  6. over 2 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Smart thing is to have your weapon out just in case. You never know if someone in “Shaky’s” position is armed and will fire on you, even over a misdemeanor.

  7. over 2 years ago on Arlo and Janis

    or make a little “tent”.

  8. over 2 years ago on Herman

    I was thinking more of the Green Goblin from Marvel Comics.

  9. over 2 years ago on Doonesbury

    In truth, it is possible, but also, Jeremy should have been bounced off the jury and replaced by an alternate before they started their deliberations. His obvious unfitness to serve was apparent from the start. It is now time to call a mistrial and start all over again.

  10. over 2 years ago on Doonesbury

    The OJ jury completely ignored the evidence and decided on celebrity. They should all be ashamed.They allowed themselves to get played and the judge failed to keep control of the courtroom, letting Cochran and company run the entire farce.