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  1. 13 days ago on Baby Blues

    Zoe won’t need to do that because Darryl already promised to give Zoe a car for her sixteenth birthday when she was an infant.

  2. 3 months ago on Baby Blues

    Gotta love that this strip aired on Valentine’s Day.

  3. 4 months ago on Garfield

    Kind of ironic, because most Garfield strips read like they’ve been written by an AI

  4. 4 months ago on Baby Blues

    Shut up, Darryl.

  5. 4 months ago on Baby Blues

    Sorry Darryl, but you don’t get a refund on tips, even if your daughter put too much money in the tip jar. The second last panel is golden, though.

  6. 4 months ago on Baby Blues

    Wanda, maybe you’re the problem. Maybe you need to be more spontaneous.

  7. 5 months ago on Baby Blues

    These days we just have Zoom calls. Problem solved!

  8. 5 months ago on Baby Blues

    Why are there multiple strips of the kids making fun of Wanda’s arm fat?

  9. 5 months ago on Baby Blues

    She walked when she was exactly twelve months old, on her first birthday.

  10. 5 months ago on Nancy

    I should’ve known better then to press “random” on this comic strip because wow, this is CRINGE. Thank goodness for Olivia taking over the strip in recent years so we don’t get strips like this anymore.