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  1. 9 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Isn’t that basically all churches?

  2. about 2 months ago on Dark Side of the Horse

    Someday Samson will run out of elevator humor, but it is not this day.

  3. 3 months ago on Texts From Mittens

    I really hate it when I post something on Facebook or Twitter and realize I’ve left a word out.

  4. 5 months ago on Non Sequitur

    I’m 68 & seriously….it’s no big deal. Language changes. I remember when Ms. started being a thing and people were losing their minds over it…now it’s on forms I fill out. I’m sorry, but if you’re this rigid and set in your ways at 52 you are only making your life more stressful than it has to be. The only thing constant is change…I choose to sit back and be entertained by new stuff. Honestly…the “good old days” weren’t all that good.

  5. 5 months ago on Drabble

    In Houston they not only have the Halloween stuff out, but the Christmas stuff is starting to creep in too.

  6. 6 months ago on Moderately Confused

    Hi neighbor.

  7. 8 months ago on Moderately Confused

    Hey, we play that same game in Texas. Only we don’t so much “jump between airconditioned buildings” as we drag ourselves through air too thick to breathe between airconditioned buildings. Think over triple digit temps with a humidity around 80-90 percent. It’s currently only 92 with a humidity of 51%…we’ll miss these cool days next month…lol.

  8. 8 months ago on Non Sequitur

    Oh….Congress gets stuff done. It’s seldom stuff we the people want done, but still.

  9. 8 months ago on Pearls Before Swine

    In order for someone to hurt my feelings I would have to respect their opinion. That eliminates most people.

  10. 11 months ago on Pooch Cafe

    One time my cat barfed and before I could get up from my chair to clean it my roommates dog came in and scarfed it up. I wanted to be grossed out, but I was too grateful I didn’t have to clean it up.