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  1. about 18 hours ago on Perry Bible Fellowship

    And that’s the last Julio ever saw of her.

  2. about 18 hours ago on Monty

    So, Monty finally reveals himself to living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

  3. 2 days ago on Doonesbury

    “You know the hynnotized never lie. Do Ya!’The Who, “Won’t get fooled again”.I learned a bit of theology, just to scare the Witnesses away. It applies here as you can have fun with your local evangelicals.

  4. 4 days ago on Steve Kelley

    As a member of the Illuminati, all I can say is that it is a good thing that our plans are proceeding as well as they are.

  5. 7 days ago on Rob Rogers

    Wasn’t Trumpie the one who wanted to send in the military to squash BLM protests? Wasn’t Trumpie the one calling for the death of those teenages wrongfully convicted in New York? That black caucus must be woefully ill informed.

  6. 7 days ago on Liberty Meadows

    Brandy, I’m still available.

  7. 7 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Thirty years old and still relevant.

  8. 8 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    One of the amusing things about U.S. political cartoons is that they seem to have the idea that the President is an absolute ruler already.

  9. 8 days ago on Last Kiss

    According to the fan-com videos I’ve watched, she is seriously overdressed.

  10. 9 days ago on C'est la Vie

    I’ve been single too long, I think. I’m kind of envious that he has a high maintenance girl friend.