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  1. 16 days ago on Peanuts

    Now I suppose young people read this and think: just use the other TV already, or watch on your phone

  2. 16 days ago on Peanuts

    oh yeah well I’m 63. It was my impression that that sense of “chill”, let alone “chill pill”, came a bit later; but I never was in tune with the cool kids.

  3. 19 days ago on Non Sequitur

    Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t tell

  4. 19 days ago on Peanuts

    “I thought I’d had my last glass of elderberry wine”

  5. 19 days ago on Peanuts

    Is it that old?

  6. 26 days ago on FoxTrot

    That’s what she said.

  7. 29 days ago on Stone Soup

    Her meaning is clear: that she has conflicting feelings.

  8. about 1 month ago on Non Sequitur


  9. 2 months ago on Nancy

    I Go Pogo!

  10. 3 months ago on Doonesbury

    I asked whether they help when they are there.