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  1. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    Or even if they did something like, Nate continues his gossip column with Dee Dee, or a new person at school comes who might like nate or might “take” Francis and Teddy away from Nate, wanting to spend time with them.

  2. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    Oh wow you’re right!

  3. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    I’m not asking for big nate to explode and go to space. I’m just asking for some subtle, yet permanent changes. Maybe a new teacher? Nate gets a pet?

  4. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    But please keep it respectful.

  5. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    If you disagree, that’s fine.

  6. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    Time for a sort of unpopular opinion. No, i won’t make these regular, but i think this needs to finally be said. I think the Big Nate strips are begging to not matter to the rest of the strip. I mean, this storyline for example (the monopoly one) won’t matter after the week has finished. I know the monopoly ones usually don’t matter after they’ve ended. But take things like the christmas play strip, The Spitsy strip, The Kim Cressly Hall monitor strip and many previous ones. I thought things where turning around when we got the “Bad Chad” and “Artur likes someone else” strips. Because they permanently changed Things (Chad’s relationship with people) (And Artur’s with Jenny) But then they just returned to normal. I’ve got nothing against Big Nate, it’s my favourite strip, and Nothing against Lincoln, and i have no idea if he reads this. But even if it means Lincoln takes a week for reruns, we need strips the can CHANGE Big Nate. Thanks, -SummerFan.

  7. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    I’m in australia and it’s our summer break. (So the long break.) We get about 2 months.

  8. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    After rereading it does sound a bit like that. I did say departing from the section though.

  9. about 3 years ago on Big Nate

    Today, we honor IEjene. They are departing from the comment section today. IEjene has always been one of the most positive people in the comment section and makes so many positive comments. IEjene hated to get involved in wars when peace was possible. Thank you, IEjene for being such a positive comment Warrior.

    F in the chat, my friends, and F in this comment section. Thank you IEjene.

  10. over 3 years ago on Big Nate

    He got boring. He’s good to get Chester’s attention towards me though.