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Contemporary confederacies of dunces now coalesce around very stable genius it seems..

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  1. 2 months ago on Views of the World

    Even though the West is finally acting effectively against Russian disinformation, that same Russian disinformation is being amplified by Beijing to over a billion Chinese – and the CCP is also using their usual censoring tactics against those who try to tell the truth within the Great Firewall :

    Russian propaganda was very effective in Crimea and their disinformation caused huge damage in Brexit and the election of Agent Orange, but it will be China who is the premier propagandist in the authoritarian regions of the Splinternet..

    Look for Xi to use this along with their defacto nuclear client states of North Korea and now Russia to create an opportunity to fulfill Xi’s dictator dreams to take Taiwan, by force if necessary..

    Even after seeing the massive failure of Russia so far, Xi’s government has not distanced itself : now is the time to watch for changes in the Chinese military based on the Russian tactical failures, and especially changes in the political posture of China to counter the US and EU ability to sanction China (an economic superpower as opposed to an extractive backwater economy) over Taiwan..

  2. 2 months ago on Views of the World

    Yep. I think we can all see now that the most charitable view of Nixon / Deng was that it was hopelessly optimistic, and, even though Patton was never going to be taken seriously after the war, there was a very valuable opportunity to retire the USSR’s UN Security Council veto with their dissolution, rather than hand it to Russia.. ..then again looking at how badly we handled the Ukrainian situation with the Budapest Memorandum, that was never going to happen, so, here we are…

  3. 2 months ago on Views of the World

    I think the cartoonist may soon be able to add Xi Jinping poking through the legs based on his plans in Taiwan.. Moreover the belts and boots of Hideki Tojo and Benito Mussolini belong in the WWII criminal lineup..

    Looking at the descendants of the major WWII powers, it is precisely the ones that were given a pass on their authoritarian tendencies after the war to make the UN Security Council work who are now, together with their client demagogic states, threatening the rest of us with WWIII..

  4. 3 months ago on Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons

    It is the former (the latter being far fairer beings than I ;)

    Thank you very much for the salute!

  5. 3 months ago on Prickly City

    Yes, that was a good article. I also posted it on Hacker News after reading it.

    After watching Putin’s speeches, including yesterday’s stadium harangue in his $10k coat, I think Putin’s idea of Ukraine being part of Russia is more along the lines of “if you won’t marry me than I am going to murder you so no one can have you” than any form of familial sense of belonging recognized by humanity.. Mostly the unity of the peoples language is syntactic sugar for the religious and patriotic among his minions.

    I also hope that the cold calculation of not being able to afford the loss of Chinese support rules, but then again, Putin could have so easily gotten a far more beneficial outcome by just pivoting his forces away from Ukraine and towards the northwest of his puppet state Belarus and along the Baltic states borders. He chose not to, which I think speaks volumes about the meaning of the invasion in his mind..

  6. 3 months ago on Prickly City

    Looks like we posted at the same time, though my last post almosts passes for a reply..

    I agree with you that, from the Western perspective, breaking the 77+ years of nuclear abstinence our liberal world order has managed to achieve is abhorrent, so was breaking the decades long hiatus of warfare on the European continent..

    I am concerned that we are having a similar failure of imagination here, in that Putin has never once backed down in the face of threats from the West, and, again from his perspective, I think backing down looks like a surer path to an early grave than doubling down does..

    Opening the Pandora’s box of nuclear first use that America closed (along with the Second World War) may seem unimaginable to us, but from Putin’s perspective, it leaves the West looking at the smoldering remains of the Ukrainian insurgency and knowing that we cannot respond in any way short of starting Armageddon..

    It also makes Putin the new messiah in Pyongyang and Islamabad… I honestly cannot think of how we could deter this course, but I am certain that the policy of MAD we have relied on up to now is part of the past world order that Putin just shattered.

  7. 3 months ago on Prickly City

    The Russians inherited from the Soviet system the strategy of “Escalate to Deescalate”, something that Putin seems to have internalized to the point that it is reflexive.

    Just as Putin has singlehandedly rewritten the balance of power that had existed in Europe for the last thirty years in as many days, I do not see any reason why he would not seek to rewrite the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” in favor of his large and varied arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons.

    The real problem for the West now is this : should Putin escalate in this way, what is our response, given that we know that subsequent escalation on our part is a sure path to nuclear Armageddon…?

  8. 3 months ago on Prickly City

    This is salient in the stalemate situations that the Russians are experiencing now in Ukraine :

    Consider the destruction in Mariupol that they have wrought with the conventional weaponry they invaded with.. Reports from there are that the entire city has been razed. Clearly Putin has no thought for civilian life or the international rules of war..

    Now consider the situation in the much larger metropolitan area of Kiev. Russian troops seem unable to surround the city and, amazingly, unable to establish air superiority to the extent where they could deploy their FOAB, their (possibly) more powerful response to our MOAB – or to conduct any low altitude carpet bombing for that matter..

    The question we must ask now is, as the hugely popular Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to virtually link up to the capitals of the West and even receive their leaders in Kiev, at what point does Putin decide to simply remove the central kilometer or so of that city with one low yield nuclear tipped Iskander fired from just across the border in Russia..?

  9. 3 months ago on Prickly City

    The problem with the American strategy during the Cold War against the Soviets and thereafter against Putin’s Russia is that the development of low yield tactical nuclear weapons was never abandoned by our adversary..

    As it stands, there are likely ten tactical nuclear weapons in the Russian arsenal for every tactical nuclear weapon available to us. This is not really a meaningful distinction from the American military perspective in that today we (wisely) would not contemplate the use of tactical nuclear weapons, but from Putin’s perspective, the Russian dominance in tactical nuclear weapons is almost certainly in the forefront of his thinking..

  10. 3 months ago on Prickly City

    The real danger now in Ukraine is that as Russian forces are stalled by the fierce Ukrainian resistance and suffering increased losses, their already barbaric bombing tactics are likely to escalate, not only in scope and intensity but also in the type of armaments used..

    The lowest known yield of a tactical nuclear weapon was the US “Davy Crockett”, developed in the 50s as a recoilless rifle fired munition (because it was too fragile to be fired from artillery) and abandoned because it was too inaccurate and short ranged to do much more than irradiate everyone in the local fight, including its crew.

    In the interim, America has focused on its superiority in projecting a MAD strategic deterrent from our domestic ICBMs and SLBMs while seeking to negotiate away the hugely unpopular in Europe mid range nuclear threat..