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    nobody cares

  3. almost 4 years ago on Fowl Language

    In… in a weird… twisted… illogical way…. it actually makes sense….

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    Alice angel, anyone? (I know, I know)

  6. almost 4 years ago on FoxTrot

    Beep beep i’m a sheep i said beep beep i’m a sheep.

    meow meow i’m a cow I said meow meow NO

  7. almost 4 years ago on FoxTrot
    funniest amazon review ever for ocamo xbox ripoff:

    Ps4, Xbox, Any PC build just give upJanuary 11, 2019Absolutely insane. This thing has everything. This deserves a JD product of the year award. Whoever created this, you are a true genius. I wouldn’t be suprised if the creator of this product was a 7 year old Indian kid studying Astro physics at Yale. It’s such an original design. Unfortunately, Microsoft copied their exact same interior and exterior design to try to compete. This game runs any thing on ultra-high settings with no lag. Clear, crisp and uncut connection to almost any monitor or television. I have a horrible tv and this console made the picture 1080p. Absolutely nuts. I ran several durability examinations to see what this bad boy can put up with. I first threw it off of a helicopter 1,000 feet in the air. Not a scratch. Then, I ran over it with a 2,000 kilogram semi-truck. Just a couple nicks on the case, but still ran like a champ. I then used a hydrollic press while it was sumbmerged under water. It destroyed the hydrollic press and absorbed the water. It only became more powerful. For the last test, I got some lighter fluid and a flame thrower. As soon as it was lit, it immediately rejected the flames. It ended up becoming more powerful and life size. It attacked me and my family. It tied up my wife and children. It is too powerful. The more I try to destroy it, the more dangerous it gets. Older generations always told us to be aware of artificial intelligence having complete rule over society. I never believed it, but the day has come. I am currently hiding in my liquor cabinet, drinking the days away as I hear my console cause my family to shriek I’m horror. I hate this console, but I must give my honest opinion and say it is the most ingenius product ever to be marketed to mankind. This console should be a religion. Nonetheless, I give this 100/5 stars. Take my money, take my family. Ocamo, you have won. The universe is in your possession

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    she is a sneaky snek

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