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  1. 4 days ago on Candorville

    Texas gave us LBJ, the president who did more more civil rights than any other. Texas needs another LBJ.

  2. 16 days ago on Peanuts Begins

    Certainly Schulz wasn’t suggesting Charlie Brown was narcissitic, but that none of the other kids loved him.

  3. 20 days ago on Garfield Classics

    Not the least bit funny.

  4. 23 days ago on Peanuts

    Yeah, let’s hear it for homebodies! They never get positive attention from the press. The people who get all the attention are those who like to travel and go on vacations.

  5. 26 days ago on Candorville

    This comic strip is actually getting funny again.

  6. about 1 month ago on Close to Home

    Oh. Do we get a prize for spotting him? :)

  7. about 1 month ago on Close to Home

    What’s that little yellow creature next to the guy who is talking? It looks like it’s waving.

  8. about 1 month ago on Close to Home

    Yeah, that’s the scariest looking animal I’ve ever seen in a comic strip.

  9. about 2 months ago on Peanuts Begins

    It’s so strange to see adults in a “Peanuts” strip, even if they are faceless.

  10. 3 months ago on Peanuts

    Has to be a kid. An adult would have said: “Wah Wa Wa Wah Wa Wa”.