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I play Mario, Minecraft, and obviously Pokemon. I love to read Wings of Fire, and play Pokemon Unite (with Decidueye as my super strong main of course!) I have a Youtube channel! Check it out here:

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  1. about 5 hours ago on Big Nate

    Bookswap, Chapter 13: Lazy day

    The next day was Saturday, so Greg was happy to sleep in and not have to go to school. But then, while he was eating breakfast at 10:00 A.M. he heard knocking on the door. He went to open it, and Nate’s friends were there, Teddy was in the front holding a football. “Hey Greg! We were going to the park to play some football! Wanna come?” He asked hopefully. “Um, no. Sports aren’t really my thing… I’m more of a ‘Video game guy’.” Greg replied. “Um, ok… I guess we could play video games at my house again…” Teddy said, kind of disappointed. At Teddy’s house, Greg beat all of them in Mario Kart again. “Um, I would really like it if we went out and got exercise…” Said Francis. “Like… played a sport?” “Ok, we can play sports.” Greg said as he got out Teddy’s “Wii Sports”. Then, he beat them all again. “Greg. Do you, um, have any other hobbies besides video games?” Teddy asked. “Well, I used to draw comics…” Greg said. “REALLY!?”Asked Dee Dee excited. “That’s what Nate does! Show us one of your comics!” “Ok, I’ll do one of my comics I call: ‘Creighton the Cretin’.” Greg replied. He drew it and showed it to them. “Um, it’s a bit mean…” Dee Dee said. “I mean, Nate’s comics weren’t ALWAYS nice, but this is meaner…” Francis said. To be continued…

  2. 1 day ago on Big Nate

    Bookswap, Chapter 12: The reveal

    Nate was feared to the bones when everyone in the Cafeteria crowded around him. “Oh no… They’re gonna know I’m not Greg! Or at the very least make fun of my hair…” Nate braced himself, and then he heard… “Wow Greg! That’s your hair?” “It looks so cool!” “You were hiding THAT this whole time?” Nate opened his eyes and then breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. “I can’t believe it! They actually LIKE my hair!” He thought. “Um, yeah. This is my hair. I thought it looked weird, so I always tied it up…” “You shouldn’t! It looks great!” The students shouted. “Wow! It’s incredible!” Exclaimed Rowely. “First you make a cool comic that everyone loves, and know everyone likes your hair! You’re like the most popular kid in school now!” Nate really couldn’t believe it. It was like this world was MEANT for him. He had a fun day of students talking a lot of good stuff about him. Then he was about to head home, until… “Hey, um Greg.” Said Holly. “I like your new hair.” “Thanks.” Nate said casually, considering that’s what everyone said. “But, I wanted to ask you… Would you have time to um, hang out sometime?” “Sure, we can meet at a place of your choice on Friday.” Said Nate casually again. “OK GREAT!” Holly said quickly while shaking his hand. “See you Tomorrow at the park!” “Nate was walking to Greg’s house, having a bunch of crazy feelings about today. “I’m super popular here, and I’ve got a girl who wants to hang out with me, but why do I feel conflicted? I mean, I miss my world, but there I was just a loser…” He thought about it all evening, and when he was going to bed, he wanted to draw a cartoon about it, but then, he noticed something weird in Greg’s journal… To be continued…

  3. 3 days ago on Big Nate

    Ok, it’s ok that you don’t like it, but you don’t have to call it a bad word…

  4. 3 days ago on Big Nate

    Bookswap, Chapter 11: Greg the GAMER

    After school, Greg felt weird. It was almost as if… he ENJOYED SCHOOL??? “I can’t believe this! The teachers here are so different! They aren’t just boring and depressed, except for the old science teacher…” “Hey Greg! Want to come to my house and hang out?” Asked Teddy. “Wow! These guys are different from Rowely for sure! They don’t say ‘play’!” “Ok!” Greg said joyfully. At Teddy’s house, Greg and the gang had junk food and watched TV for a bit. “Do you play any video games?” Greg asked. “Yeah.” said Teddy. “I’m trying to beat Super Mario, but I can’t get past the second world! And Nate’s even worse at Mario than I am…” Greg sighed. “Mario’s easy, let me show you.” Greg went on Teddy’s Wii and played New Super Mario Bros. Wii and beat every level in only 30 minutes. “WOW!” Cried Teddy. “You’re a pro gamer!” “Yeah, video gaming is kind of my talent….” Greg said in full “cool guy” mode. “Hey! Let’s play Mario Kart Wii! All four of us!” Said Chad. So, Greg, Teddy, Francis, and Chad played Mario Kart Wii, and Greg got first place in every race. In the last race, Teddy threw a blue shell. “Ha! Now I’M gonna win!” He announced. Then Greg waited for the shell to come, and dodged it by using a mushroom frame perfectly. “You were saying?” Greg asked with a smug grin. “Your face now reminds me of Nate…” Said Francis. To be continued in Chapter 12: The reveal

  5. 4 days ago on Big Nate

    Idk, I think it might have been deleted somehow, but I didn’t do it.

  6. 4 days ago on Big Nate

    It’s on this comic, scroll down till you find it:

  7. 4 days ago on Big Nate

    Bookswap, Chapter 10: Comic fame

    At Greg’s house, Nate spent all night working on his new awesome “Doctor Cesspool” comic. He then turned it into the main office, hoping to get the job as school cartoonist, and sure enough, after a week, they made the announcement he was hoping for. At lunch, Nate went to sit down with Rowely, only to be swarmed by laughing kids. “Wow Greg! This is really good!” “Thanks.” Said Nate in full cool guy mode. Just then, Holly Hills came over. “Hi, um, Greg.” She said a bit nervously. “I um, though your comic was pretty funny.” “Really?” Asked Nate with surprise.”Most girls think my comics are bad, but this girl likes them!” He thought to himself. “That’s great to hear!” He said. “Would you like it if I put you in one of my comics?” Holly gasped in shock. “That’s… um… actually I was going to ask you… But sure! Thanks!” She then walked away again pretty quickly. “Wow Nate! Your comic is really good!” Said Rowley, who was reading it this whole time. “Yeah. Just another great comic by me…” Said Nate as he ran his fingers through his hair, forgetting about the rubber band! His finger got caught on it, and the band snapped off, revealing his true hair. The whole cafeteria gasped as Nate was struck with horror… To be continued…

  8. 8 days ago on Big Nate

    Bookswap, Chapter 8: School drools…

    Nate was about to go into Greg’s school, but he did something real quick. He put a black rubber band he found in Greg’s room and tied his hair around it, so his hair looked like 3 sprigs. “Wow Nate! You look just like Greg!” Said Rowley. “It’s so I can take his place while he hopefully takes mine.” Nate said. As Nate headed to first period, he was looking forward to a day without all the bad teachers like Mrs. Godfrey. But as the day went on, he started to feel…bored? All the teachers here had no real personality. They were just boring, and weren’t happy like Rosa and Clarke, or mean like Godfery or John. Then Nate noticed that it wasn’t just the teachers, it was all the kids. They all seemed kind of bored and depressed too. “This whole school is a giant boredom land.” Said Nate to Rowley at lunch. “Um, Greg said that schools tend to be boring. I don’t agree, but…” Rowley said. “Not everyone’s depressed! Like Holly over there!” He pointed to a pretty girl with a happy look on her face. She walked by their table. “Hi Rowley!” She said. Rowely said hi back. “Hi, um, Greg.” She said a bit awkwardly. “Hi there…” Nate said in full “suave mode”. “How’s it going?” Holly’s eyes lit up. “It’s been going great! Thanks for, um, talking to me.” She then walked away quickly. “Wow! You really made her happy!” Rowley said. “Really?” Asked Nate. “Yeah, Greg doesn’t talk much to girls anymore.” Rowley said. After school, Nate was walking through the halls and noticed something. “Wanted: New school cartoonist! Turn in a comic to get the job!” “That’s it!” Nate exclaimed. “I’ll become the school cartoonist, and make funny comics for everyone!” He then hurried to Greg’s house to make them. To be continued in Chapter 9: School rules?!

  9. 8 days ago on Big Nate

    Oh, great. What an unexpected ending…

  10. 9 days ago on Big Nate

    BookSwap Chapter 7: Greg’s new school

    Greg woke up in a wimpy mood. Not only was he going to middle school like normal, he was also going to a new school that was pretty small, at least described by Dee Dee yesterday. She said it’s good because it gives you a better chance to make friends, but that wasn’t really Greg’s priority. He went downstairs to eat breakfast, feeling bummed, until he heard a loud female scream from behind. He turned around to see Nate’s sister, Ellen, that Francis told him about. “What did you do to your hair Nate?!” She cried. “Well, at least she still thinks I’m not nate…” Greg thought thankfully. “I… Um, changed it.” He responded. “Well, it looks even uglier than before squirt!” She exclaimed. Greg decided to quickly leave. “Wow, I never knew what a big sister is like. It’s like Rodrick, but with a dress.” Greg thought as he hurried to school. He met Nate’s friends outside the school. “Hey dude, we have something for you.” Said Teddy. He then put a weird looking wig on Greg’s head, that looked like a black hairy palm tree. “What is this ugly thing for?” Demanded Greg. “It’s so you look like Nate.” Francis said. “I know identity theft is illegal, but…” “You’re not from this world, so OUR laws don’t count for you!” Teddy laughed. “It’s just so you can take Nate’s place while he hopefully takes yours.” Said Francis. Greg sighed. “Middle school has never been this hard…” To be continued in Chapter 8: School drools